It’s always exciting to find a good story given new life, and that is true for Laura Parker’s Rose of the Mists that was first published in 1985 by Warner Books as part of a trilogy. This historical romance has just been re-released by Questmark Romances in a unique marketing program with CVS Pharmacy. It is only available for sale at the retail drug stores, but there are over 6,000 stores nationwide, so finding the book would not be hard.

There are many things to like about this wonderful story. The heroine Meghan, who is considered a changeling and perhaps a witch because of the rose-colored spot on her cheek, is a strong character with a childlike innocence that is captivating. Revelin, who was the most beautiful man Meghan had ever seen, is a bit of a rogue, but intensely loyal and a man of honor. Even though he is starting to care for Meghan in ways a man should not care for his ward, he will not be untrue to the woman waiting for him to make their engagement formal.

The story is set in Ireland in the late 1500s and as much care was put into getting details of place and time correct as was put into creating a host of memorable characters. For a little while, a reader could almost believe he or she was riding with Revelin and Meghan as they traveled across the Irish countryside, their horses moving quietly on mossy grasses in the great forests.

Another delight of this book is the fact that nothing is forced about the romance or the sexual tension that builds between Meghan and Revelin as the story progresses. Nor does the romance go down predictable paths. As Meghan discovers the delights of what goes on between a man and a woman, it is with a touch of that childlike innocence that gives the scene an endearing quality.

In a romance, there are certain “givens.” The hero and heroine meet, feel an attraction, but circumstances conspire to keep them apart until the end. Parker handles those givens in a fresh way, letting the obstacles to their relationship come naturally out of the story, which is about a lot more than just the romance. This is a sweeping historical novel with enough sub-plots to satisfy a reader who may not be fond of romances.  There is intrigue and considerable danger because Revelin and his companions are thought to be English spies. They are in England to map the countryside for the Queen, but the members of the O’Neil Clan believe they are spying on behalf of Sir Peter Carew, who has been taking over Irish lands.

The intrigue builds as the story progresses and in the end Meghan and Revelin become allies on more than one level.

Ms. Parker also writes under the name Laura Castoro, and her latest books can be seen on her Web site

Title – Rose of the Mists
Author- Laura Parker
Publisher- Questmark
ISBN – 978-0-909798856-0-0
Format – mass market
Price – $4.99

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