Mike Dalmas left Special Forces and came back home to spend time with his family. Things didn’t go as planned. These days he works for his father-in-law’s car dealership selling cars. That is when he isn’t doing the occasional black bag job for the Bay City Police Department. Sometimes they need a fixer or troubleshooter to clean up a problem and they have the leverage on Mike Dalmas to get the job done.RIOT

One such problem has arisen and Carver has come to the dealership to give him his latest assignment. A week ago two officers arrested a known gangbanger. During the arrest things went very badly for one Lex Marcus and his days of being a bad guy are permanently over. The cops thought they had covered up things, but the incident was videotaped. Now somebody wants four hundred thousand dollars or they will release the tape. The cops know who sent the blackmail threat and have traced it back. The cops want Mike Dalmas to visit the blackmailer and get all the copies of the video while making sure this will never be a problem again.

Considering the blackmail the cops are using again Dalmas there is a certain amount of irony in him being tasked to stop their blackmailer. As expected that mission is proves to be far more complicated than anyone involved wanted in Riot: A Mike Dalmas Short Story. A complicated and good tale marred several times by typos and missing words. Part of a series featuring Mike Dalmas, former Special Forces soldier, it is a good tale despite the aforementioned issues.

Riot: A Mike Dalmas Short Story
Jochem Vandersteen
January 2013
22 Pages
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