Sara and Gen aren’t getting along too well as the twin sisters aren’t identical in their preferences. The last thing Sara wanted to do was spend the weekend working in their yard. Gen did and thought that planting vegetables and getting the mess cleared up was the way to do things. There is tension between the Ziegler two sisters and they don’t seem to be the only ones feeling stress in the neighborhood.


Right behind their house is the Allen’s place. Apparently the newlyweds who recently moved in are having quite the argument. Words can’t be understood, but, clearly there is a heated argument underway.  It seems like a normal domestic squabble until “a horrifying scream ripped through the air.” The neighborhood goes silent, police eventually arrive, and then the real mystery begins.


Originally Published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine in the 1995 December issue, the story features interesting characters, a mystery with a couple of twists, and plenty of suspense. Also included is chapter one of Two-Faced which is a novel featuring the two sisters.


Ring Of Truth: A Len and Sarah Short Story

Elena Santangelo

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (December 15, 1995)

ASIN: B0042P553Q

E-Book (Print Length 13 pages)




Material was picked up during the author’s free read promotion for use in an objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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