I like first time authors, they have a certain something that is missing in the revered best seller authors. First timers have often spent years working on their book, crafting and shaping their baby. There is also an air of freshness about first timers that you just don’t find in the jaded world of the over edited best seller, sterile is the word that pops into my mind.

Patricia Tye is new to the book world and Righteousness shows that she has the Write Stuff. This is a fast paced novel that does not beat around the bush. From page one the reader is moving at the speed of light. Some authors like to dedicate the early chapters to character development and background, Patricia took a different and appropriate direction, get on with the story and let the characters develop themselves. Righteousness is all about action.

Our hero and heroine are attorney Tom Black and FBI agent Sara Dobbs. Tom only has one client, billionaire David Simms, David is dying, he has cancer and the doctors while not giving an exact time frame have made it clear that it is time to get his affairs in order. David does not appear to have any family, however he has a very clear idea of what he wishes to do with his assets. It is Tom’s mission to assemble the people who are to be the recipients, supposedly to break the news, but David has another mission in mind, he wants these people to meet each other and bond, just as he had with them and their families.

Everyone accepts Tom’s offer of an all expenses paid weekend in Detroit, and the game is on.

In order to create the liquidity to give his gifts David has sold some high stake investments. This activity has raised some eyebrows in all the wrong places. Corporate raider Terry Morelli smells a profit, and this is a guy who does not take no for an answer. Morelli is taking some heat from the feds, they are hot on his heals and he knows it is time to make that one last big corporate hit and get out of the country. Finesse is not required, just speed.

Tom and Sara must combine their resources to foil the evil plot.

Righteousness is not just a single story, in a scant 170 pages Patricia Tye has actually interwoven two novella’s and certainly has left the door open for more to come. I think that she has done a great job in developing the main characters Tom and Sara and she should reuse them.

This is a very fun read and one that would be the perfect accompaniment on a plane trip or vacation. It is escapism at its very best. The heroes are heroic and the bad guys hellish! Although the term ‘page turner’ maybe a cliche phrase that us reviewers use, in this case it is most apt. I certainly could not put this one down! I like Patricia’s freewheeling style of writing. It borders on melodrama, a notoriously difficult style to pull off.

You can order your copy of Righteousness from Amazon, Patricia also has a web site.

Simon Barrett


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