Aimed squarely at the young adult market Rick and Bobo scores a bullseye. Our unlikely heroes are two brothers Richard and Ray, one has an IQ the size of Texas, the other does not!

The big break comes when Ray develops a ‘must have’ product and sells the invention for $190 million. This device will revolutionize productivity in Japanese factories, in fact it is calculated that productivity will be improved by 9.25%. The Whiz-ard is a hit, here is a brief description of this wonder device:

A three foot half-inch blue tube was coiled around a sophisticated funnel attachment next to a four-inch yellow “donut”.

For those of you that have not figured out what the Whiz-ard might be for I will give you a clue, one end of the three and a half foot pipe goes into a plastic bag strapped to the bottom of your leg……

Now rolling in money the brothers set about finding creative ways to spend it, Xbox’s and Playstations offer little challenge, jet ski’s, race cars, jousting, you name it they, try it, but inevitably boredom sets in.

“I wanna be a superhero.” Ray smiled wide. “let’s make me… a superhero.”

And so using logic that only a mother could love, they set out on their greatest adventure, to make Ray a superhero!

Using Richards huge intelligence they set about inventing the gizmo’s and gadgets that every self respecting superhero needs.

Ray is well meaning but a bit of a klutz, the game is on.

Battling the villainous villains is easy, it is young children and old ladies that represent the real challenges!

“You hurt Scruffums!” the little girl yelled. She tightened her tiny fist and punched Ray in the groin.

Only to be assaulted seconds later…….

Ray backed up toward the street, trying to protect himself as the cane-wielding senior citizen got her second wind.

And that was just a result of our superhero trying to rescue a cat stuck up a tree!

I think Rick And Bobo will be very well received by the young adult population. It is a wild ride from page one. I also think that the Ventrillo Brothers are well on their way to creating an interesting product in Rick and Bobo, I could see this striking out in a number of directions, it certainly would easily translate into a comic book, or graphic novel format, although I suspect that its real power may lay in taking it into an animation studio. I think it would be some ideal raw material for a young adult TV audience.

There is no strong language or other offensive material, the violence is more amusing  than gory, all in all this is a delightful romp into the improbable. It will be interesting to see what direction the author takes Rick and Bobo in, in the next installment.

Rick And Bobo is available through Amazon, there is also a companion web site. The web site is well worth a visit, and it explains that just like a lot of computer games, the book contains some ‘easter eggs’, can you find them?

If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas present for a teenager, this might be just the thing. Alas few teens read books voluntarily but I have a feeling this is one that will capture their imagination.

Simon Barrett

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