Resonance is without doubt a disaster story on a global basis. However unlike other tales in this genre the culprit is not man, nor some evil beings from another planet, it is a naturally occurring disaster.

Those of you that are sailors will know that your compass does not show true north, but something called magnetic north which is actually several degrees different. In fact over time the magnetic north does change slightly requiring maps to be re oriented.

It is this phenomena that is at the very core of this fascinating story.

A. J. Scudiere allows the story to unfold through 4 very different perspectives. Two CDC (Center for Disease Control) doctors Jordan Abellard and Jillian Brookwood begin investigating some very strange deaths in nursing homes and prisons. The problem they run into is that there seems to be no common factor. Three elderly patients in a nursing home all die exhibiting the same symptoms, yet there is no logical connection.

Becky Sorenson is a biologist, she makes a strange discovery near her home, there is a small part of a local creek where all of the frogs appear to have 6 legs. While it is not unusual to find one or two that have mutated for the entire population to have this genetic defect is disturbing. Beck first thinks that it must be some kind of contamination. Back at the lab she makes an even stranger discovery, regardless of which way you place the frogs, they always change position to point in one direction.

Her concern deepens when she discovers other anomalies in the natural world, a rare breed of bird who always nest in the same place suddenly change locations.

Geologist David Carter is confused while on a dig, there is one spot where the bones and rocks are in a different orientation to the rest. At first he assumes that the ‘helpers’ have mislabeled the specimens, however he quickly discovers they have not. Once again there seems to be some connection to the magnetic north.

Through these seemingly disconnected stories A. J. Scudiere works the literary magic bringing all three views to the same focal point.

Gradually the main protagonists realize that where all of these strange events are occurring all have one thing in common the small area has a reverse polarity. It does not take long to also realize that these ‘hot spots’ are growing in size. Potentially meaning that the entire magnetic core is shifting poles. A potentially devastating development.

To share more of the plot would spoil the read, but I will say this much the plot takes a rather curious turn in the final 1/3rd of the book. I am sure that most Sci Fi buffs will enjoy it. It is the stuff that deep late night discussions are made of.

Resonance is a good first book from this author and I will certainly keep me eyes open for the next installment.

You can order your copy from Amazon. The author also has a web site.

Simon Barrett

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