A Memoir Of Chaos, Spirituality, And Hope 

I was talking to an author friend a few weeks back, and he made the observation that everyone has a book inside them, they merely have to find it. In my mind this is a very true statement. However many people shy away from the writing process by assuming that their story would be of no interest to others.

I read a lot of biographies and to be truthful the most interesting ones are not from the rich and famous, but from people you have never heard of. Recovering My Voice is a prime example, Aruni Nan Futuronsky is not a household name yet her story is a powerful one.

Aruni takes us through the critical events in her life, her earliest memories are for the most part happy ones. One that has stuck in my head for no apparent reason is the story she tells that as a young girl she rushed from school at lunchtime to her parents supermarket, this is where her father makes her the best lunch in the world, a hard bread roll with turkey roll slices, mayo and a hint of pepper. It is strange the things that we remember from our childhood.

As a teen though Aruni begins to realize that she is not like the other girls, she is not drawn towards the company of boys, but rather the company of other females. This battle over sexuality haunts her.

College tells the same story, and Aruni begins to come to terms with her sexuality. Although she maybe embraces it a little to thoroughly. Cutting herself off from men and heterosexual females by living in a Jewish lesbian group.

Work wise she has become a high school teacher, a noble yet frustrating profession. Her frustration can be clearly seen in a passage she writes about a struggling student. Chuck is a senior, 19 years old, and has already been held back a year from graduating. He has trouble with reading, and comprehension. But he has a dogged determination to succeed, where many in a similar situation would have taken the easy path and dropped out. What is the path to righteousness? Should she give a passing grade and let him graduate? This is a hard question, and gave me pause for thought.

Aruni also had a darker element in her life, drugs and alcohol. That battle lasted years, till one day she sought out help from AA. The cold light of sobriety also reveals her dissatisfaction with her life.

Looking for some spiritual guidance, yet not knowing where to look she became involved in Yoga. Actually I found this part of the book in someways fairly humorous. Aruni loved the idea of yoga but hated doing it! However yoga won over in the end, in fact she quit teaching to become part of the yoga world, and is still a very active teacher of the art.

Yoga also led her to find her soul mate, and they are happily married.

I found Recovering My Voice a fascinating read, a study of struggle almost. The one glorious concept that I walked away with from reading this book is that all things are possible if you believe and commit.

You can order your own copy of Recovering My Voice from Amazon. Aruni also has a web site.

Simon Barrett

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