Ogallala, Nebraska, located in the panhandle, has seen wilder days. It is a town in transition as the legendary cattle drives from Texas no longer come through thanks to the spread of the railroads to the south. Lone McGantry hasn’t been to Ogallala in over a year and things have definitely changed. Whether it is for the better or not is something that remains to be seen. This October day finds Lone McGantry in town to meet with a certain attorney regarding a recent letter he received at the settlement store he shops at near his horse ranch.reckoning at rainrock

After the events of Dismal River Lone McGantry went into horse ranching. A lawyer named H. Munro wants to hire Lone McGantry for a job. Since the ranch has not made him rich yet he could use a well-paying side job. Learning from the livery man that the attorney is a woman makes things even more interesting for McGantry.

Harriet Munro is trying to get a retrial for her client. A wanted fugitive by the name of Roxanne Purdom Bigbee was convicted of murdering her stepfather, Alston Bigbee. She did the crime by shooting him dead as he sat at the kitchen table one morning. The why she did it was never brought to light as her previous attorney failed her in many ways at trial in Rainrock, Nebraska. Roxanne eventually escaped custody and is currently working in a saloon just across the border in Colorado.

Munro wants McGantry to go to Julesburg located just across the state line over in Colorado. Once there she wants him to get Roxanne out of the saloon she is working in and escort her to Scotts Bluff which is the territorial seat for Rainrock. Once Roxanne is there and has surrendered to local law enforcement, Munro intends to request a hearing before the new circuit judge. Known to be an honest and fair man, Munro expects him to grant the appeal and order a new trial.

The background on the saloon known as the “German Palace” makes it clear that this is not going to be an easy job. McGantry does not like easy work and is looking forward to earning his pay. That saloon is just one complicating factor of many as things never get easier. Those who conspired to destroy Roxanne are not about to stop now. As threats align against Roxanne and anyone who would help her events lead to a Reckoning At Rainrock.

This is the second in the very enjoyable series featuring Lone McGantry who has done a bit of everything in his life. His skills result in him being placed in adversarial situations from the start to the nearly guns blazing finish. Complicated characters, a mystery to solve, and plenty of action make this another very good western read. One that could be read first, if so inclined, though the events of Dismal River are briefly discussed.

Reckoning at Rainrock (Lone McGantry Book 2)
Wayne D. Dundee
October 2015
219 Pages
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Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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