I enjoy watching how authors progress. I first encountered Mark Rosendorf when he published his debut novel The Rasner Effect. A conversation with Mark revealed that his plan was to produce a trilogy of action novels using Rick Rasner as the focal point. It sounded like a lofty goal. It requires a great deal of careful planning, a character can be ‘used up’ in a few careless pages. He or she can easily become a liability rather than an asset in the next book.

Mark Rosendorf surprised me, he published his second book Without Hesitation. It picked up seamlessly from where The Rasner Effect left off. He had practiced good assert management in book one, and with artful skills managed to introduce some new faces to the scene in book two.

About two months ago Mark contacted me and asked if I would like to read book three Rasner’s Revenge that was about to be published. Of course I said yes!

Rasner’s Revenge once again picks up the story without interruption. The psychotic master of murder and mayhem Rick Rasner finds himself in a very secure, although not quite legal Mental Institution. His Manson like crime family the Duke Organization has been decimated.

On the outside and still on the loose are 15 year old raw recruit Clara Blue and Duke associate Derrick. In a very short time Clara has created her own, albeit somewhat unlikely version of the Duke Organization. Can a few wayward teenage girls and a guy seemingly consumed with playing computer video games make a difference?

Clara is young and inexperienced, Derrick is older but is he a leader? Does Derrick even have the drive to take part in the Duke rebirth?

It is at this point that I think I should stop any further commentary on the plot. I am a reader not a spoiler!

Reviewing the third book in a trilogy is difficult, it is so easy to ruin the plots of what happened in the previous books.

However, I do want to make some observations about the Rasner Effect series. If you love action adventure books, this is the set to take with you on vacation this summer. Each book builds on the one previous. They can be read ‘stand alone’ and enjoyed, but the reader will miss so much of the background that I would not recommend that strategy.

Mark Rosendorf tells me that Rasner’s Revenge is the end of the series. Do I believe him? Well, maybe. But in my mind he is keeping the door open. I for one am not convinced that the world has seen the last of Rick Rasner. Mark Rosendorf ends Rasner’s Revenge in a way that just demands more.

Mark, are you toying with us?

I am hoping to interview Mark Rosendorf in the near future and you can be assured that I will be asking him about the future of Rick Rasner.

To buy your copy of Rasner’s Revenge please use the Amazon link at the top of the article. But take my advice, buy and read the first two books as well.

Simon Barrett

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