Designed for speed, this 2008 release is aimed for folks who want time saving designs. As editor Judy Crow notes in her welcome on page three, “With societies busy schedules, today crafters are looking for fast, simple projects with great end results. The designs in this book are ideal for the crafter on the go!”


The book is broken into five sections with the first titled “Around the House” and features sixteen various designs for different unique items. Whether it is the “Hot Pot Mates” on page 8, or the “TV Time Accessories” (found on page 26) to hold your various remotes, or the “Candle Mat Doily” on page 38, each design is simple and features plenty of directions, list of materials needed, finished measurements and photographs of the finished item.


The second section is aimed at the kids with the title “Little Ones.” Beginning on page 46 with “Bootie Bouquet” to make a very unique baby shower gift and culminating on page 68 with the “Baby Shells Afghan” the focus is on babies. In between, there are ten other patterns for baby items sure to please both baby and mom.


“Gifts to Share” is the third section and has something for almost anyone. How many crochet books, for example, feature designs for “Oxygen tank covers.” This book does beginning on page 90. The various “bookmarks” starting on page 108 are pretty neat too. This section features another twelve designs meaning there should be something to make and give that personal touch for any friend or member of the family this holiday season.


With cooler weather moving in, there is still time to create some “Afghan Beauty.” This fourth section of the book of the book begins on page 120 and is all about blankets. Find the pattern, pick your colors and get to work using any one of the twelve patterns included. Make sure to look at the beautiful “sand and sea” on page 131.


By now you have accessorized your home, made something for others, and a blanket so it is time for some personal fashion flair. “Fashionable Accessories” begins on page 148 with “Easy Tie Wrap” before moving on to the “Winter Royal Set” on page 156 (matching gloves, hat, and scarf) and “Slippers For The Family “on page 166 with nine other possible choices of things to make to set the style this fall and winter.


The book ends with a very short two pages on general instructions regarding symbols and techniques and a one page “special thanks” to various artists and designers. No matter what design you are looking at in this book, each one is simple and comes with plenty of detailed directions, list of materials needed, the finished measurements of the project and pictures of the finished item so that you can evaluate what you have made very step of the way. Filled with over sixty colorful patterns, this 176 page book would make a great gift to yourself or the crocheter you know.


Quick-Stitch Crochet

Edited by Judy Crow

DRG Books


ISBN# 978-1-57367-295-5

176 Pages


Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2009


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