This is Steve Godofsky’s second foray into the literary world and Questionable Therapy is an excellent example of how to craft a book.I guess if I had to put a label on it I would call it Psychological Thriller, although to me that genre does not describe the writing adequately. It is superb study in human behaviour, and misbehaviour.

The main protagonists are a married couple Rick and Stacy,and the therapist that Stacy is using, Dr Kraus.

All of the characters are skilfully crafted works of art. Stacy the insecure depressed alcoholic with an obsession about cleanliness. Rick the controlling alpha male, and the slightly sinister and voyeuristic Dr. Kraus.

Stacy’s problems seem to becoming unmanageable, the marriage is creaking at the seams. Although Rick is deeply in love with his wife, little by little a void is forming between them. Stacy is drinking too much, Stacy is often irrational, and this cleaning obsession is insane. No dish can be left uncleaned after using it, but equally you face the wrath of Stacy should you put a dirty dish in her clean sink!

As Stacy falls prey to bouts of ever deeper depression she attempts suicide, the final resolution to her problems. The suicide attempt is the final straw. In a last ditch effort to resolve the issues Stacy is persuaded to seek the guidance of Dr. Kraus. What Rick fails to understand though is that it his controlling nature that is partly fuelling the fire burning inside Stacy.

I really like the approach that Steve Godofsky has taken in laying out the story line. There really are two stories running in parallel. The first is Rick and Stacy’s day to day interactions with each other and also with their friends and family. The second is Stacy’s sessions with Dr. Kraus. By alternating these two views the reader gets a great picture of how the Stacy of today was molded by the Stacy of yesterday.

Just like a good Hitchcock movie there is a huge twist in the plot. I will not say what that might be, I will leave that up to the reader to discover for themselves.

Questionable Therapy explores many areas, relationships, friendships, obsessions, and even infidelity. Steve Godofsky relies quite heavily on conversational dialog, It is the characters themselves that tell the story.

It turns out Steve Godofsky and I have a mutual acquaintance, I told him that I was reading a book by Steve, and his reply was “I’ll bet its good, Steve is one sharp cookie”

Steve Godofsky was a senior executive in the world of radio for many years, I am sure this in part is where he gained his insight into the inner workings of human interaction. Questionable Therapy is well worth the price of admission and can be ordered from Amazon by using the link above.

Simon Barrett

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