Prophecy Of Power… Will It Come True?

Andrew Parker is new to the book world and Prophecy Of Power is his debut novel, and, in my opinion he is off to a very fine start. The subject matter is an interesting one, and is the second novel I have read in recent weeks that uses the bible as a backdrop to a suspense thriller. This tactic is not an easy one to make work well. It is with great care that an author must tread. The reading public are a fickle group and it is all too simple to rile up certain factions. One only has to look back at Dan Brown and Irving Wallace to see the backlash that works of fiction that have a religious undertone can unleash. Andrew Parker though, does it with aplomb.

Our main character is a New York Rabbi, Jacob Droutman. A man slightly different from his fellow Rabbi’s, a man who is not neccaseraly questioning his faith, but is always seeking additional knowledge, there is always more to learn, it may be outside of your own faith, but it is all of potential interest. One such opportunity arises when he is invited to attend a lecture on the hidden meanings of the  biblical book of Revelation. Dr. Stewart Renton will explain the modern day meaning of the last book of the Bible – the pamphlet reads.  Jacob feels drawn to attend, while it might be nothing, offer no new insights, what possible harm could there be in just listening?

It is while at the lecture that Jacob meets a pretty young lady, Ayn. It is no chance encounter, for some reason he has been selected, but for what? Even Dr. Renton seems to be singling out Jacob during the lecture. Ayn gives the Rabbi an envelope, the contents of which are both baffling and intriguing. A series of newspaper clippings about 3 young students who mysteriously disappeared in Israel while on an archaeological investigation. Even stranger, the three had left clues that they had made a very significant find, one that had world wide consequences as well as a huge biblical significance.

The clues all seemed to lead to the book of Revelation, but what does it all mean? Is there a clue in Revalation that predicts the future of mankind?

Upon returning home Jabob finds his landlord dead, killed execution style, and his own apartment ransacked. Even stranger, he seems to have become a man of interest to the CIA and various other agencies. Why would a lowly Rabbi be of such interest?

One thing is clear, the three missing students are the glue, and the clue, are they dead or alive? It is with this determination to find out what happened to the three students, that Jacob basically walks away from his responsibilities in New York, even selling his beloved car, and heads to Israel to investigate.

To share more of the plot, would be to spoil it. Prophecy Of Power is an action packed thriller and well worth seeking out. It is also the stage setter for Andrew Parker’s next novel. Prophecy Of Power has a fine conclusion, and stands alone as a work of fiction, but I also know that there is a great deal more to this story than we learn in this first book.

I am hoping to interview Andrew in the next few days, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the subject of sequel is going to be a prime subject for discussion.

Take Prophecy Of Power out for a test drive, you will not be disappointed, I suggest that you order your copy from Amazon. It is also available in E-Book format here, and Andrew has a web site with additional information.

Simon Barrett

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