The Chronicles of Narnia Movie Tie-in Edition Prince Caspian (Narnia)In preparation for the upcoming release of The Chronicles of Narnia film Prince Caspian HarperEntertainment has rereleased the novel in two sizes of paperback and compiled the entire series into a nearly 800 page collection featuring images from the movie on the cover and a fold out Narnia timeline. Both the larger and smaller paperbacks feature larger print, the original illustrations throughout the book, and a selection of photos from the film in the center, while the 800 page collection offers the entire series in one volume. But it’s the hardback Narnia Chronology that is the real treasure of the bunch. A beautifully designed book for ages 6 and up, this interactive kid’s book features numerous moving parts, including opening and closing doors, swirling pieces and pull tabs that cause all kinds of clever action. The book is laid out as a 32 page chronology of events in the Narnia series laid out on a timeline that begins with The Magician’s Nephew and ends with The Final Battle. Occurances in each book are highlighted and covered extensively with pictures, brief excerpts, and delightful moving parts.Narnia Chronology

For parents who have read the series and are looking to pass the magic on to a new generation, the smaller paperbacks are a good opportunity to get them interested while the movie is being promoted. Though it does happen to be the fourth book in the series, every book in the Narnia series reads well on its own, which is a credit to author C.S. Lewis and his ability to engage young readers with his infamous fantasy series.

The compilation volume is extremely nice for anyone looking to read indulge in the entire series as it allows for promotion of the reading of Prince Caspian while also providing context for the events that transpire and giving children six other books to read along with it. (I know I would have loved to have this collection when reading the books as a child.) 

And don’t forget the younger readers, as the Narnia Chronology is the perfect preparation for a life of reading. The colorful images and moving parts help to inspire imaginations and open kids up to a world of fantasy and wonder. Plus the oversized design of the volume allows easy handling and positions the book as something between a kid’s pop-up book and Prince Caspian Movie Tie-in Edition (rack): The Return to Narniaa simplified chronology of the Narnia history.

The bottom line is, with all the hype around the Prince Caspian film, and the current renewed popularity of the Narnia series, now is the perfect time to provide kids with a reading experience that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

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