Port of Entry 
(Agents & Lovers)
by John P Lintz Sr.

Don’t let the lame sub-title turn you off this book. Its quite a good look at the state of the affairs on the Mexican-US border as told through the eyes of two spooks working undercover(s) south of the Border.

While some might find the whole romance bit laid on a bit thick, the book is quite a good action romp that includes the cartels, Al Queda, the CIA, los Federales and a loony sect of happy clappy Christians (naturally). There is so much going on in this book at times it hard to keep up. It is however well worth the ride and the author mercifully keeps the book to a good length. Its the type of book that is great trip fodder. Quite a good airport novel that should go in place of some of the dross that the big publishers pump out for our consideration.

The book makes a very good point about the on-going fight to keep the American southern border safe from Islamist terrorists to the narco-traficantes. As a Spanish speaker myself I appreciated the liberal use of Spanish where it is apt (with translations for the gringos) and the keen attempt to keep it culturally relevant to Mexico.

Overall its a rather good read that never gets too long or has that boring middle bit so common. Its the perfect novel for a ride across the country, the ocean or to take on your next cruise. And could some big publisher please give this guy a book contract? He really deserves one…the book would make a cracking move as well.

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