Jane Whitefield has been helping people escape almost certain death for a long time. Her marriage didn’t stop what she did though maybe she didn’t work as often as she used to because there was much more to risk. But, people still came to her asking for help and if she believed in their innocence, Jane Whitefield helped.


Jane thought she had everything planned out for her latest project–breaking convicted murder James Shelby out from the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. He is an innocent man who deserves to be free. He was framed for reasons unknown by someone who needs James Shelby to die. But, thanks to Jane Whitefield, Shelby has escaped and is long gone. The only thing working in the favor of the bad guys is they have captured a wounded Jane Whitefield. They have no idea that they really only have a tiger by the tale.


POISON FLOWER: A JANE WHITEFIELD NOVEL is the latest in the series and another good one even though it does not have the same style or flow of earlier books in the series.  Something often happens when an author takes a break from a series to write other books before coming back.  Once back in the series, the reads are never the same for whatever the reason and such is the case here.


Not to say the book isn’t a good one. It is as the book works its way across the county with Jane trying to stay alive, keep her runners safe, and dispense violent justice to those who deserve it.  Along the way much is made of her Indian history, her marriage, and how things have changed over the years.


While not nearly as good as earlier ones in the series, this latest book on its own is a good one.  There is also a certain melancholy feel to it as if this might be the final one in the series.  If so, it has been a good run.




Thomas Perry

The Mysterious Press (Imprint of Grove/Atlantic, Inc.)



ISBN# 978-0-8021-2605-4

Hardback (also available in e-book/audio versions)

274 Pages




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