Very few people actually enjoy war. We might rally behind our respective flags, gods, or economic interests, but it tears apart the very heart of humanity to truly relish war. The reason which allows war to persist in the face of individual reticence is that war is seldom, if ever, waged by just one person. There are cases where one person will serve as a catalyst, Franz Ferdinand and Adolf Hitler come to mind, but there were political, economic, and social structures built up behind and around those people. War is started and won by institutions, but only lost by people.

Just as war cannot be waged by one person, peace can not be brought about by one person either. Those who care about peace, equality, and justice must unite and work together to change the world. Peace Action: Past, Present, and Future, the new book which chronicles the times and actions of the peace groups SANE and the Freeze (who eventually joined together to create Peace Action), tells the stories of some people who did just that. Edited by Glen Harold Stassen, a professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary, and Lawrence S. Wittner, a professor of History at the State University of New York – Albany, this book is a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Peace Action.

SANE was started in 1957 and quickly moved to the forefront of peace movements springing up to oppose our apocalyptic rush towards mutually assured destruction. SANE, the Freeze, and Peace Action would all do their part to cool the heated rhetoric of the Cold War. Treaties and discussions, summits and UN declarations, these were their doings and, in doing so, they made the world a safer place. Each chapter discusses a different topic, ranging from the beginning of SANE to the change of focus during the Vietnam War, how the Freeze started to the role of women in Peace Action, the role of churches in Peace Action to where the peace movement as a whole finds itself today. Contributors include Monica Green, Jon Rainwater, Jim Wallis, Cora Weiss, Ben Senturia, U.S. Representative Barbara Lee, among many others. This is an influential, informative, and most importantly, inspirational book which has not thrust itself upon the human mind one moment too soon.

America chooses a new president for herself next year and the whole world waits and hopes that, whoever is chosen, they will lean an ear towards Peace Action and other peace groups as they seek to undo the last eight years of damage in the world.

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