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I was speechless when UPS delivered a package, well an envelope today. In it was a small glossy book about one of my childhood hero’s, Paddington Bear.

I have no idea how many hours and how many times I read about the adventures of Paddington Bear and his hosts the Brown family. Everything about Paddington Bear brings joy to me. He may be dated now, he is not as neat as a new smart phone, but in my mind Paddington Bear is the mere essence of all things good. Sure, if you want to Nit Pick, he managed to cause a few problems along the way, but it was always by accident.

Paddington is a one of a kind. Michael Bond created the most delightfully unlucky bear. Don’t me wrong, I love Winnie The Pooh, and Yogi Bear, but Paddington puts them to shame.

Snap test:

What does Paddington Wear?

Where is he from?

How did he get his name?

What is his favorite thing to eat?

Clothing was Wellington Boots, a Duffle Coat, and a felt hat that looked like a sowester.

He came from darkest Peru, his aunt managed to put him on a boat from Lima.

The Brown family found him at the Lost and Found kiosk at Paddington Rail Station, he had a label around his neck, I can’t remember the exact words, but it was something along the lines….. If you find this bear, please look after him.. Signed Aunt Lucy, Peru.

Favorite eats? What an easy question. Marmalade Sandwiches. Everypne knows that. I like Marmalade, and I always have, Paddington liked his on sandwich bread, I like mine on toast with butter, But I have no issue with Paddington Bear sharing my table, I will even find some tape so he can secure a Sandwich under his hat for later.

Paddington Bear may not have the excitement of the latest video game, but for 5 decades Paddington has been my companion.

The thin glossy booklet stopped me in my tracks. I was trying to do more serious work. But all bets are off when it involves Paddington Bear.

For several years I commuted from Paddington station to Oxford at the weekends. Every time I walked into the rail station I thought of Paddington Bear. On more than one occasion I was tempted to stop by the Lost and Found to see if they had any Bears from Peru, alas I never had time.

What a fun adventure, a 20 page picture book brought so many memories back. It matters not if you are old or young. Michael Bond was a genius. The Paddington books are ageless, timeless, and so much fun.

Simon Barrett


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