America is a much different place now then it was in the year 2000. For good, for bad, things which were our fault, things which were out of our control: America has become greatly different in seven years. It is precisely this change and the agents behind it which are unearthed and examined in Operation Supergoose, the latest book by author William Hart.

Supergoose finds us in Plunderland, a truer, if anything, version of America. After an attack on their flag factory and a speech with a decided anti-abortion lilt to it by President, Buzz Twofer II, Plunderland’s reaction to their 9/11 is on. The continued humor throughout the book about how the terrorists “hate the flag” is perhaps the most sublime running joke of modern American literature. Hart is a more delightfully wicked Kurt Vonnegut, every trip of his pen leaving behind satirical magnificence. His world is brilliantly over-the-top in lunacy, megalomania, and sheer improbability, a fitting memorial to the current political administration. Hart’s Mammoth trio makes Joseph Heller’s Milo Minderbinder look like an altruistic Boy Scout.

Progressive academic powerhouses Chalmers Johnson and Noam Chomsky make cameos in this novel they couldn’t help but love as books read by our protagonist, the haplessly patriotic Ernest Candide. We read along as he learns to think and things descent from hilariously outrageous to the most scathing, darkest humor possible when confronted with the last seven years of the Bush Administration. Supergoose spins out of control and loses all touch with reality in perhaps the most poignant manner: a brilliant satire without peer in the current literary market.

Read this book. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be absolutely amazed, you’ll feel proud of yourself as you realize who symbolizes who.

Operation Supergoose rips the heart out of the current political discourse and, along with a side of locally grown, certified organic vegetables, eats it for dinner.


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