These days O’Doul is working on a ranch located near Pitchfork Creek. Both he and a young guy named Leonard Fain work for ranch owner Joe Reichert. The recent tragedy in the family has made Joe a bitter man. So much so he might be abusing his wife, Annie. Young Leonard is not only a bit of a hot head; he has developed feelings for Mrs. Reichert. That is certainly not a good thing since she is married and all. In fact, it is an easy way to get dead if Joe Reichert picks up on it. There is a good chance of that considering the fact that Leonard is not the subtle type.o'doul

Along with calming down and understanding his place as a ranch hand, O’Doul counsels Leonard to get his mind on other matters. But, despite his efforts, Leonard isn’t listening that well as things between husband and wife clearly begins to escalate. O’Doul has a worsening problem of his own as things intensify meaning O’Doul has his work cut out for him if he wants to help.

O’Doul is a complicated novella western from Wayne D. Dundee and another good tale from this talented author. Though the premise is simple enough the author makes it work by adding character details, a twist or two with a definite time deadline cranking up the suspense, and other storytelling elements to take the work far from its common premise beginnings. Complicated and realistic characters drive events in a tale that is part western and part Greek tragedy. Much is at work here on many levels making O’Doul a really good one.
Wayne D. Dundee
Western Trail Blazer
January 2015
37 Pages


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