Attention Girls: Stephanie Plum is back, and  getting in and out of trouble in the latest book of Janet Evanovich’s series.

In this one, the cliches are right on time (with her car blown up quickly) and then the mystery begins: Where is the man who embezzled a lot of money from a nursing home? It seems he got appendicitis, and disappeared from the hospital room during the night.

His wife figures he disappeared with the bimbo night nurse and is sitting outside the bimbo’s apartment. And Stephanie has to work with the hospital’s head of security, Randy Briggs, who is known to those who follow the series as the dwarf from hell.

And then, another patient disappears, a trafficker of girls that was Morelli’s case, and so he is helping Stephanie in solving the mystery.

Bad news for Ranger fans: He is in the book, but mainly as Stephanie’s fairy god father, who appears in time to save her life. Morelli is there too, but not as much romance as previous books.

And Stephanie’s grandmother is the one who cracks the case this time, for knowing that the favorite diner used by the elderly crowd closes too early to make the hospital’s claims that the suspect disappeared at 2 am impossible.

There is food, bad guys, and a happy ending, for the embezzled money is returned to the nursing home with interest (minus a small amount “accidentally” kept by the widow).

Summary: Nothing new here. Just a lot of quirky characters that we all know and love doing their thing and winning in the end.

So should you buy it? If you are a Plum fan, yes. It’s better than some in the series, and will let you have a laugh or two.

I give it four out of five.

For those who like serious literature, well, never mind. Go read War and Peace and let us gals alone to drool over thoughts of Roger.


headsup to Evanovich fans: check out this interview on youtube.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines.

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