Books on knitting sweaters, hats, etc., abound and are everywhere. As the subtitle makes clear 40 Exquisite Knitted Flowers – 6 Beautiful Projects” this is not one of those kind of books. The intricacy and beauty of these knitted flowers is simply amazing in this book.

The book is broken down into basically three parts and a multipage appendix. The untitled first part contains a preface and introduction regarding knitted flowers and the inspiration behind the work of author Norma J. Bellows. Then the first section moves to practical advice on techniques, materials needed and used, explanation of the difficulty levels of the various flowers as well as projects, techniques used, abbreviations in the pattern instructions, and other information. Plenty of pictures detailing the steps are present along with the text. A text that, while using black ink, is a little light for older eyes.

Next is “The Flowers” starting on pages 34-35. After a picture and accompanying introductory text, this section starts with “Angel’s Tears Daffodil” on pages 36-38. Along with the Latin name, difficulty rating, several pictures both large and small, there are instructions on how to make the various parts of the flower, materials and tools needed, and a tip to finish the item off.  39 flowers follow in color and complexity whether they are the simple “Chicory” (pages 45-46) and “Pom-Pom Chrysanthemum” (pages 110-111) or the difficult “Hollyhock” (pages 78-80) there are plenty of choices to be had.  Each one is a clear work of art that will result in a striking and very realistic flower.

You could arrange the completed flowers in a vase of some type. Or you could attach them to something else.  That is the purpose of the section titled “The Projects” that begins on pages 138-139.  There are six projects here such as “May Violets Fingerless Gloves (pages 140-143), the “Forget-Me-Not Pillow” (pages 143-145) and four others.  The six projects allow you to accessories your outfits when you are out and about so that you can make a colorful and unique fashion statement.

The book closes with a multipage appendix on topics such as “Felting Basics” (pages 160-163) “Yarn Information “(page 168), “Resources” (page 169) and other useful information. A two page index at the end of this section brings the 176 page book to a close.

Colorful and distinctive Noni Flowers: 40 Exquisite Knitted Flowers – 6 Beautiful Projects by Nora J. Bellows has an idea for any level of knitter. If you are looking to do something different than the normal run of the mill hat, sweater, gloves, etc., this book just might be perfect for you.

Noni Flowers: 40 Exquisite Knitted Flowers – 6 Beautiful Projects

Nora J. Bellows

Potter Craft (Random House)

April 2012

ISBN# 978-0-307-58671-1


176 Pages


Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano Texas Public Library System.

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