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When it comes to the subject of physical healing I have to admit that I have some real reservations about alternative medicine. While some may indeed have healing properties it is an arena laden with snake oil and quackery. That said, I will also say that even though the medicine has come a long way in a short period of time, the idea of applying leeches to a patient today sounds ridiculous, yet not so many decades ago it was the norm. However even with all of the great strides being made, there is so much that we still do not understand.

No better example of lack of understanding is in the area of mental health. New ideas and drugs come and go, yet in reality our knowledge is sadly lacking. One thing is clear, the human mind is a wondrously complex place. In sheer processing power it is better than the very best supercomputer. As I sit here writing this review I am also aware that my wife is typing a review on her computer while watching a TV program. I can see kids playing outside. Part of my brain is quietly mulling over a book project I am working on. Yes our brain is a complex place.

Sometimes though things can go wrong, without doubt we live in a stressful environment, and stress can effect us adversely. The human has always lived in a stressful world, millennia ago it was the stress concerned with just staying alive, finding food, avoiding danger. Todays world has different stress types, but they are equally debilitating.

In No Open Wounds Dr. Robert Bray explores some techniques that can be used to resolve traumatic stress. His methods do not involve drugs, are non invasive, and can be practiced at home. The author discusses two techniques NOW (No Open Wounds) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy), they are complimentary, in fact a perfect marriage.

The therapy Dr. Bray endorses has its roots in some ancient Chinese techniques not unlike acupuncture. But rather than insert needles into ‘power points’ in the body, this involves tapping your finger on specific locations.

Does it work? Well the simple answer is I do not know. The book does include a number of testimonials, but I am always leery. Could it be a placebo effect? I mentioned earlier that the mind is a complex place, and sometimes just believing in something strongly enough can effect change. There are enough clinical studies out there that clearly show that placebo’s do have an effect in a proportion of patients, both in physical and mental illnesses.

I think that I will remain firmly seated on the fence on this therapy, but certainly I can see no harm in the techniques suggested by Dr. Bray, and if it works for a proportion of people I support it wholeheartedly. If traumatic stress, or even phobias are your problem, give it a try, it can’t hurt.

You can order your copy of No Open Wounds from Amazon. Dr. Bray also has a web site.

Simon Barrett

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