nomad.jpgAaron Abraham has finally made it to the big time, his novels have been selling steadily, now a publisher has paid a six figure advance for his next book. A book that signifies a change in writing direction. With a working title of Yearbook, Aaron is going to reconnect with his school classmates from a quarter of a century ago. He is going to interview them and see how they have progressed in life from their college days.

Excited by the advance he races home to share the good news with his wife, only to find her in a compromising position with none other than his older brother.

Grabbing a few personal possessions and his golden retriever Churchill, Aaron pauses briefly to pour some ice water on the frolicking couple and departs the family home.

No Mad takes us on a journey of discovery, we follow Aaron as he travels across country interviewing his old classmates, some were friends, some were not, but all have a story to tell. Meanwhile Aaron is also taking stock of his life to date, while not absorbing his every waking moment there is is soon ex-wife-to-be and his ex-elder-brother to stew over.

On his travels Aaron meets not only his ex classmates but also a variety of engaging and sometimes bizarre people, the sex crazed female cop being one of my favorite, if somewhat unlikely characters. Sam Moffie paints this scene in such a stylish and humorous way that I burst out in laughter every time I think about it. There is also the young lady who is prepared for every eventuality, she carries a viagra pill in her purse!

It is this peppering of zany bit part actors that elevate No Mad to a higher place.

Sam Moffie has done an outstanding job with No Mad. In fact it is a book within a book. Sam Moffie walks us through what Aaron remembers of his classmates, then allows us to be a fly on the wall while the meeting takes place, and then gives us the text that will appear in Yearbook. It is often humorous to see how the author depicts the events.

Without doubt the funniest interview is with George Ballard, otherwise known as A.P. (Arrogant Prick), George was an A.P. in college, and political life has done nothing but nurture his already hugely over inflated ego. Aaron does get the last laugh on this one. I won’t spoil the story, but suffice it to say ‘B.A.L.L.A.R.D.S.U.C.K.S’.

I have come to the conclusion that Sam Moffie is a music junkie, it takes one to know one! The text is full of song references and short phrases from the lyrics. What really surprised me is that my taste in music is almost identical to Sam’s. He could almost be the identical twin I don’t have. He also makes numerous references to books, some obscure, and yet, again, they are all books I have read!

I plan on interviewing Sam in the next few days, and I have to admit that I am very much looking forward to this adventure. I have the distinct feeling that Sam is a live wire. I explained this to my wife Jan, she rolled her eyes and said, “The world is not big enough for two of you”.

No Mad is a cracking read, funny, satirical, sometimes sad, but always entertaining. This is one book that you will want to put on your reading list. You can order your copy from Amazon, Sam also has a web site

Simon Barrett

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