Everything You Need To Succeed was inside you BEFORE You Were Born

As Jack Hatfield points out, the book stores are awash in self help books. In fact I am of the belief that the Library Of Congress system for classification system is broken, they need to add Insomnia to many of these books. Some are so grim that even a glance just at the front cover will result in your eyelids getting heavy, and snooze time follows quickly.

Jack Hatfield has taken a different approach, he tells the story of his premature daughter being born, in total this little child spent 130 days in the hospital. It does not take rocket science to do the math, this little girl was more than three months premature when she arrived in this big bad world. She could not read, she could not write, she was too small to even be fed as a newborn.

If it was not for the work of others, Jonna had little little chance of survival. But through the work of others Jack Hatfield has a vibrant daughter.

It is through his experiences with a premature baby that he introduces us to his theories of success.

Natural Success Principles is the term he uses. In someways that smacks of something Darwinistic, a concept I buy into. We all are inherently capable of succeeding, and we all already have the tools, if only we know where to look.

Jack Hatfield takes us into the NICU unit that his preemie daughter lived in. Jonna had no skills, yet Jonna had the will to live.

It is with this background that Jack Hatfield introduces his own version of self help, self improvement, or call it what you will! I enjoyed the style of the book, he skillfully avoided all of those tedious ‘to do’ lists, though he does have plenty of references to his web site, which I am sure does contain the lists!

I am fairly jaded when it comes to self help books, most are just a rehash of some other yawn inducing work. The one aspect that bothers me most is why do these authors continue to churn out the same stuff? Jack Hatfield’s approach is different, it is fresh, and rather get tied up in the tedium you also get the benefit of the story of his daughter.

Jack Hatfield openly admits that this book will not make you rich and successful overnight, success is a learning process. He himself has owned and failed at 5 businesses, he points out that each time he learned a valuable lesson, and each failure was for a different reason. Much can be learned from failure, in some ways it can be the key to unlock success.

Another key to success is realizing that you can not do it all yourself, success comes from letting others help. It may seem obvious, if you wish to sell a house you use a Realtor, if you are sick you go to a doctor. Well those principles also apply to smaller issues, by letting others with more experience in a given area help you your chances of success are greatly enhanced. This does not need to be a monetary drain if approached the right way.  A very old and very true statement is that you receive what you give. If you help others they in turn will help you. I cannot count the number of times I have done something in my view insignificant for someone and the repayment has come in a most unlikely and fortuitous way.

A good example was a couple of weeks ago, my main computer went up in a cloud of smoke, literally. I had blown the power supply. Unfortunately I did not have any spare units to replace it with, and there are no decent computer parts stores in the small town I live in. I resigned myself to the fact that I would be a computer down until I could get to the city. The very next day my wifes cousin called wanting to know if I could remove a virus from her computer if she brought it over. Of course was my reply. Then she asked if I had any use for and old computer that she no longer uses, ‘it might be good for parts’, she explained. Yes indeed it was, there was my replacement power supply!

Giving is a key component to getting.

You can order your copy of Natural Success Principles from Amazon, Jack Hatfield also has a web site with lots of additional information.

Simon Barrett

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