Private Detective Ignatius Jepson goes by the name of Nate. On the mean streets of Seattle he is known as “Nasty.” It is not a nickname he likes, but considering the way he earned it, that nickname isn’t going to be something he will ever get rid of easily. Things don’t come easy to Nate and the way his latest case arrives won’t be easy either.


It was early in the morning a couple of hours before dawn and Nate was on a secluded beach contemplating the meaning of life. More accurately the meaning of his life and his future. Fate put him there. Nate wasn’t too happy with the concept of fate as it was before the figure came running at him through the mist.


The man is well dressed and running with a grocery bag full of beef sticks. He also has a very black gun and wants Nate’s immediate help in getting away. Like Nate, the guy is ex-military as proven by the way he carries himself and the dog tags on the leather necklace around his neck. The arrival of men on the beach as well as coming from the sea in pursuit and the numerous flying bullets make it clear that the situation is deteriorating badly and it is time to go.


Some private detectives get the beautiful damsel in distress and an explanation. Nate gets the physically in shape dude, no explanation, a destroyed car, killers after him, and a lot more in Nasty by Bret R. Wright.


A fast paced read with a very complicated case that goes from Seattle to Portland while adding many players and plenty of twists and turns. Nate is often a bit over his head because the clues are few and the players are many. While he does have a little help along the way via some old friends those same friendships are a huge risk as the stakes rapidly increase.


Hopefully the first book of a series, Nasty has all the right mix of action, clues, and high stakes that result in a compelling read. Author Bret R. Wright has created a strongly sympathetic character who flashes the occasional warped sense of humor while also taking things serious when the need arises. In this book the need arises quite often creating a certain frantic pace as Nate gets the job done by any means necessary. The book is a good one and Nasty is highly recommended.



Bret R. Wright

Courtney Literary

September 2014

ISBN# 978-0991608812

Paperback (e-book available)

306 Pages



E-book ARC supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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