Adele Gardner’s short story, “Bonnie Parker Sings the Blues” starts the Mystery Weekly Magazine: November 2018 issue off. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are headed home due to the death of her mom. After nineteen years on the road the duo have little to show for their music careers. She missed out on so much of the last years of her Mamma’s life and everything seems so surreal.

“70 X 7” BY Dennis E. Hensley follows next where Reverend Hal Cooper has a score to settle. It is Detroit, the night of December 10, 1875, and as the midnight hour approaches, it is long past time for a certain sinner with a very long record to be held accountable.


Fon may or may not know what happened to Adrienne and Fon isn’t being very helpful to the police. In “Tree dweller” by C. F. Schraeder, Fon has her secrets and her special skills. You can have them too if you believe.


Rachel has come to the sewing group in this small town for a specific reason. In “Split Chain Stitch” by Steve Toase, Rachel slowly learns the secrets that some are keeping and thus slowly works her way closer and closer to the ultimate goal. The truth has to come out.


Growing up Mikey had been told many times to always keep a twenty dollar bill in his wallet for emergencies. His Dad believed that twenty in the wallet might just save his life. “In Case of emergency” by M. B. Manteufel it is 25 years later after the death of his father and the legacy lives on.


Once Zach Milton tells her what is wrong, Veronica Averill understands his panic in “The Key” by Nicole Fratrich. Her plan for a quiet time at home while working on her novel is now out of the question. Instead, she will have to head out to campus and once there, help out as there is too much going on to go back home.


The club known as “The Bluebird” is legendary in Nashville and beyond. In “A Shift At The Bluebird” by Elizabeth Zelvin, it is open mic night. One has to be on the list to perform and getting on that list is hard. Unless you are Del and choose to break the rules by ignoring the list. That is not the only rule he breaks and his actions mean that things for Emerald Love get a lot more intense.


The November 2018 “You-Solve-It’ mystery is “A Likely Prospect” by Laird Long.  Tom Buchanan is very much dead on the floor of the rustic cabin. At least Constable Justine Williams has a witness to question.


The solution to the October 2018 “You-Solve-It” story, “Treasure Cave” by Peter DiChellis brings the issue to a close.


A mix of stories with several having a paranormal or other worldly aspects makes Mystery Weekly Magazine November 2018 a read fit for the season. As in the other issues, the mix here does not feature stories that hard boiled or noir and are not graphic in terms of language or descriptions. These are mysteries that feature complex situations, a dash of the weird and entertaining characters that may or may not have special talents. An entertaining issue and well worth your time.



Mystery Weekly Magazine: November 2018

October 30, 2019

ASIN: B07K2C4B39

eBook (also available in print)

75 Pages




For quite some time now I have been gifted a subscription by the publisher with no expectation at all of a review. I now read and review each issue as I can. To date, I have never submitted anything to this market and will not do so as long as I review the publication.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2019



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