Mystery Weekly Magazine: July 2018 opens with “Cap Device” by Jim Doherty. Dad’s lesson long ago along with attention to detail play a major role in this tale set in Berkley, California. Officer Dan Sullivan saw the car pull into the parking lot long after the restaurant had closed and decided to check it out.

Ellie wanted to the lakeside cabin in the Canadian wilderness though her husband was considerably less interested. Two weeks at a cabin just outside Good Springs, Canada at Paradise Lake is not exactly what Henry wants to do in “Black Bear Country” by Rosemary McCracken. Bugs, a toilet that won’t flush, no television, are just some of the issues and that was before the bears came calling. Somebody is using their cabin to bring in bears by way of bear bait. Henry is not pleased, Ruth is scared, and her birthday plans are being ruined.


“Faders Crates” by Caroline Misner comes next and this short story also served as inspiration for the cover art. It is early 1959 and Eustace is up early and making far too much noise. He is hard at work and having a lot of fun as he has been told he will be paid for his wooden crates. Eustace is special needs and his family, especially Brent and Dana, know somebody is very possibly taking advantage of him. They need to figure out who and why as fast as possible, but soon get sidetracked due to the disappearance of Veronica Dubois.


He needs to wash his clothes, but he has no money on him in “No Quarters” by Leslie Elman. Fortunately, May is there in the laundromat to help him. Considering everything he is dealing with, he needs all the help he can get right now.


The flooded hallway was one thing. Judy from housekeeping could have handled that on her own in “Rock On The Rocks” by Lance Dean. The body floating face down in the bloody waters of the overflowing bathtub was an entirely different matter. Good Thing Mr. Chance is there to take charge of this situation and any other surprises.


Dawson Roarke was arrested for murder by Jasper County Sheriff Melvin P. Weemly. The good sheriff is sure that this is a case of one ex con killing another. After all Dawson Roarke knew Grady Tyrell Johnston inside at Statesville. Roarke claims they were friends. Maybe they were. Maybe he hid it and they have locked up the right man in “Locked Tight” by Peter DiChellis.

Clearly somebody came in through the front door to kill Lee Prather. The question is who in the ‘You-Solve-It “mystery titled “The Sound Of Silence” by Laird Long. Detectives Dean Trevis and Tricia Sampson are on the case that has at least three suspects.


The solution to the “You-Solve-It” for June 2018 titled, “In The Crosshairs” also by Laird Long brings the issue to a close. (My review of the June 2018 is here.)


The label of “mystery” covers a wide range of flavors and Mystery Weekly Magazine delivers each month. The July 2018 issue is no exception as from start to finish it is a good read. These tales feature interesting cases, twisted clues, and characters that may exist in your head long after the tale is done.



Mystery Weekly Magazine: July 2018

June 28, 2018


eBook (also available in print)

77 Pages




For quite some time now I have been gifted a subscription by the publisher with no expectation at all of a review. I now read and review each issue as I can. To date, I have never submitted anything to this market and will not do so as long as I review the publication.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2018

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