I first encountered Reynold Conger when he published Chased Across Australia. It is a fun action adventure tale. While fictitious it is well constructed. When I heard that he had published a new novel, My Knight In Shining Armor, it went straight on my reading to do list.

Would My Knight In Shining Armor be another action/adventure story, or would Reynold Conger take the reader in a different direction? It did not take long to get my answer, this book is a far different beast. It has greater depth and subtlety, it is a fabulous excursion into the human mind and how we form relationships. In part it can be summed up as love lost and then found, but that would be a gross understatement.

The central figure of the story is Dr. Bonnie Snow, a biologist and university professor. Her luck with men has not been great, she has both chased, and been chased, but long term relationships have thus far eluded her.  A cynic might view Bonnie as a perfectionist, a woman with an agenda. Her knight in shining armor must be handsome, rich and intelligent.

Maybe, just maybe she has found her man, Sam Hilton. Sam is everything Bonnie could wish for, he meets all of the requirements, smart, athletic, and a combination of ‘old’ and ‘new’ money. Don’t get me wrong, Bonnie is no gold digger, she just has high standards.

Bonnie’s life is not a simple one, while few people know her in the small community she lives in, the city council know her skills, and invite her to become part of a team to select the company who will be awarded the contract to replace the sewage system.

Her cry of ‘But I am just a biologist, I don’t know anything about what you are asking me to do’, falls on deaf ears. Against her better judgment she becomes part of the towns committee to make a recommendation on which company should be awarded the contract.

Among the proposals submitted is one submitted from KAS Incorporated and signed by a George Stivers.

The story now starts to unfold. Bonnie remembers an engineering student by the same name when she was undergrad, in fact she even dated the guy a couple of times. A nice enough guy, but a grade ‘A’ geek. Who would invite a girl to a frat party, the high spot of which being a competition  to see who had memorized Pi to the greatest number of decimal places? Following this wonderful social activity Bonnie had quickly moved on to more fertile ground! Might this be the same geeky guy?

I don’t like to give story spoilers, but I will say that it turns out to be the same geeky guy. But he is a far different man than he was in school. Older, wiser, and battle scared (missing and ear from events in Vietnam), this George was a man comfortable in his own skin.

To share more of this wonderful story would be a huge disservice to Reynold Conger. Knights in shining armor come in many different shapes and sizes.

If you would like to read this book, and I recommend you do, you can use the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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