I have to admit that the older I get the more amazing I find life. I am not particularly religious, nor do I subscribe to any real beliefs in destiny or events being pre-ordained. But I have noticed that there is an uncanny way that life unfolds for me. Like pieces of a jigsaw, seemingly unconnected events join together to form a coherent picture.

I have had My Heart And Soul for quite a while. I kept looking at the cover, and for one reason or another was attracted instead to some other project. Poetry is an intensely personal type of writing. So much of a persons soul is revealed through those stanzas.

Last week I was talking to a gentleman about a criminal case, actually several criminal cases. This man uses a very interesting approach to investigate, he is an expert in the science of analyzing the written word. I suppose you could think of it as word forensics, the actual science is called Statement Analysis. He explained a little about how it works, you look for verb tense, changes in word usage, the order in which people explain an event, and various other items.

This morning I was rummaging around in the disaster area that we loving refer to as our office/living room for a project, my wife asked me what I was looking for. “I don’t know until I find it” was my reply. I was being serious, I really did not know what I was looking for.

I picked up My Heart And Soul and just knew that it was today’s project.

I have read 4 other books by Marilyn Randall, children’s books, and I enjoyed them all. In fact I can recommend them, and if you would like to read the reviews just click here.

I had a preconceived notion that My Heart And Soul would be an extension of her other books, light, easy going, and fun. Boy was I in for a shock. Many of the poems are very dark indeed.

Using my new found ‘Statement Analysis’ skills I went to work! I really thought I had Marilyn Randall under the microscope. It seemed to me that maybe there was some sexual abuse in her early life, and likely an alcohol issue as an adult. I was feeling pretty clever with myself. I had unlocked her deepest and darkest secrets. Then I read the back cover. Those deepest and darkest secrets were not secret! Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Also included in My Heart And Soul are two very interesting letters, one to her mother, and a very poignant one to her father.

Marilyn has battled her demons over the years. But it is clear that she has won. Her children’s books are testament to that. In fact having read My Heart And Soul I went back to the children’s books and saw them in a new light. They are the very antithesis of My Heart And Soul.

You can order your copy of My Heart And Soul from Amazon, just click the link above.

Simon Barrett

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