It was some five years ago that Geoffrey Gluckman hit my radar when he released his first novel Deadly Exchange. You can read my review here.

Word reached me that he had just published a new novel Murder Of Sex, I just had to read it! I don’t know the author, but I surmised that he might have read my review. I decided to reach out to him in order to get an idea about Murder Of Sex:
It is very different from Deadly Exchange

Well he is right. It is a very different book. Move over 50 Shades Of Grey, there is a new kid on the block! But unlike 50 Shades Of Grey Geoffrey Gluckman has a fabulous plot line and a cunning way of telling the story.

In some ways the book begins at the very end. We meet English Lit professor Dr.Josh Flagon finding himself serving the final few days in a federal prison for murder. Josh was found guilty of murdering one of his pretty students, Rebecca Reaper. A young lady who he had a love affair with. For reasons that I will let the reader discover, there are few of his fellow inmates that know much about Josh. He is just a scholarly bookworm with what some might view as an obsession with the works of Henry Miller.

Geoffrey Gluckman uses the Federal Prison setting as the backdrop to Murder Of Sex and we get to hear Josh tell his story to other inmates in the prison library.

This is a most unique and creative way for an author to tell the story.

Yes, Murder Of Sex does contain sexual passages, but it is done in a pretty tasteful fashion. In my opinion this book likely should not be billed as PG-13, but neither should it get an X rating, I would put it in ‘M’ for mature.

You might have noticed that this is not your regular book review. Murder Of Sex is a hard book to review, the reader knows the end result before they meet the sequence of events that led to Josh spending time in prison.

I must congratulate Geoffrey Gluckman on producing a very fine piece of literature. It is a wonderful exploration of the human psyche.  Where does love end and obsession begin? One thing is clear this was no mere dalliance between a middle aged professor and a young and very pretty co-ed.

I do plan on interviewing Geoffrey Gluckman in the near future, and I have no shortage of questions for him. A recurring them in the book is author Henry Miller. In real life Miller was a controversial writer who found himself on the ‘banned book’ list because of sexual content, it is pornography the censors said. Today Miller is viewed as one of the great writers of the 20th century. My speculation is that Geoffrey Gluckman wrote Murder Of Sex as a tribute to Henry Miller. And a fine tribute it is!

You can order your cpy of Murder Of Sex by using the Amazon link at the top of the article.

Simon Barrett

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