Byron Lorrier has written quite a curious type of novel here. I have read others of a similar type that work to varying degrees. Its more a character study of those who inhabit a dingy strip-mall based night club than it is an actual thriller. The plot in this novel is so thin one does rather have to dig to find it. By the name you can imagine that the club is attempting to attract goths and magic fans as its gimmick. It does so more or less. No magic is involved however.

Lorrier does make a good job of creating the characters in this novel. By the end you know them rather well. The trouble is that not one of them is the slightest bit likable. By the end you could care less which one ends up dying. In a sense this is like one of those slasher flicks where the characters are so noxious you end up cheering on the serial killer to rid you of the annoyances.

Lorrier clearly has talent for creating vivid characters that you get to know well (and realise you never want to meet) however he needs to work on his plot for his next effort.

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