Michael A. Minton’s sprawling anthology, Mr. Right Opinion: Unplugged and Unashamed, touches on just about every topic important to the Conservative Movement from Family Values and Immigration issues, to the plight of Israel in the face of continual terrorism.

Mr. Minton has collected 137 articles from his blog, Mr. Right Opinion, and is publishing them in the anthology Unplugged and Unashamed from Author House (a self-publishing outfit based out of Indiana).

I found Minton’s insights into the Israeli/Palestine conflict to be dead-on. His support of the Zionist movement is a reminder to all Americans that Republicans are consistently stronger supporters of the Zionist cause than Democrats. Islamism is given the hard-look it deserves, and Minton pulls no punches in his critique of the extremists who are leading that religion down the dark path of violence and radicalism.

Domestic affairs are the primary focus of Minton’s essays, however. The failures of welfare to fix the problem of poverty is discussed at great length, shedding much needed light on that tax quagmire.

While not everything in Unplugged and Unashamed is endorsed by this reviewer, Minton undoubtedly brings into focus the major issues confronting America and especially the Conservative Movement in America today. His knowledge of the topics is quite broad, and his insights are clear, concise, and to the point.

Mr. Right Opinion is unashamedly Right Wing, and unabashedly outspoken in its denouncement of the Left, its failed social policies, and the future course of America.

Author Bio:

Michael A. Minton got his start in politics at the ripe old age of six, when his father, G. Terry Minton, ran for Alderman in Louisville, KY. “Mike” has worked with campaigns to elect (well, naturally his dad), former Rep. Anne Northup, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and most recently with the Romney for president campaign.

Mike got his start in his writing career as a freelance reporter for Talon News Service, and has since gone on to create his own news/opinion blog, Mr. Right Opinion, http://mrrightopinion.blogstream.com/. He has been published in a number of online and print publications, to include: Lincoln Heritage Institute, Men’s News Daily, Rightnation.us, VDARE.com, Hawaii Reporter, Jefferson Review, fixmyhealthcare.com, CivilHomelandDefense.us, The Pioneer News, and others.

Mike is a member of Providence Baptist Church in Brooks, KY, a single father of two daughters, an amateur genealogist, and has been involved in acting, most recently appearing in Camelot at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in Louisville in 2005.

You can purchase Mr. Minton’s book here. He also hopes to sell a few copies at the Republican National Convention this year.

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