Anyone that knows me knows that I love books. They are my passion, I spend hours each day sitting on my front porch engrossed in the written word. I have no use for the NYT best seller list, my love is in finding those literary gems that no one else knows about and sharing that knowledge with the world.

It think it was my wife Jan (chief researcher) that told me about Mr. Locator, she knows my likes and dislikes, so when she said “This has your name written all over it” I knew it would be something special. Special does not do justice, this is a book that everyone can sit down and enjoy.

Robert Nemecek has had one of the most amazing careers imaginable.

What does he do? He finds people! He also on occasion has found ‘things’ such as missing aircraft!

I have a very good friend who is an investigator, he is a household name, but his skills are augmented by today’s modern technology. The stories that Robert Nemecek have to share are from before the age of the Internet. There were no large databases of information, all he had to work with was a few basic details and his wits.

Mr. Locator is a riveting and wondrous adventure. I was completely wrong when I first mentally tagged this book as being a biography, I thought it would be some gentle ramble about his life, you know the general setup, early childhood, school, college, etc. No, Mr. Locator is the story of six cases that Robert Nemecek was involved in. They are all factual, they are all riveting, and every single one of them is stranger than any fiction I have ever read!

In someways you could view Mr. Locator as a book of short stories, with each one worthy of a literary prize.

I only have one complaint about Robert Nemecek, and that is why he waited eight decades to become a writer. This author has style, panache, and heaps of humor. It is the one liners that get you:

Ed McHugh was my attorney and a good one, even if he was Irish

It would have been easy for Robert Nemecek to just have written a biography, and I am sure that I would have enjoyed every page, this format though, adds a very different dimension to his story. We meet Robert the Bloodhound. A man that finds a case, and pursues it with grit and determination until a resolution is found.

I remember reading a book a couple of years ago, the author stated that his success was indeed partially due to luck, but luck is an element that is made within yourself. You make your own luck. Indeed that aspect is very apparent in Mr. Locator.

This is a book that I cannot recommend enough. These six short stories are works of pure genius, to then realize that they are factual will make your jaw drop.

Some 15 years ago I was back in the UK, I came across a new slang word that had gained popularity ‘Gobsmacked’. The literal translation would be ‘punched in the mouth’, the Brits used it as a term of surprise, as in “I was gobsmacked by the tax hike.” Well I was gobsmacked by this book!

If you are looking for a great read I do hope that you will try Mr. Locator. You can order your copy from Amazon by clicking on the Amazon link above.

I do plan on interviewing both Robert Nemecek and his wife Twila in the very near future. Robert is 88 years young, and his hearing is not as acute as it was, but his brain is sharper than a razor! I will be watching my P’s and Q’s.

Simon Barrett

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