Many armchair scientists, myself included, have a real problem reconciling their avocation with their faith.  We have Scientific American on one corner of our coffee tables and the Bible on the other; they just don’t seem to belong on the same table – or even the same universe.

Miracles, by Dr. Olen R. Brown, offers scientifically sound answers to this science/faith dilemma.

Dr. Brown proposes that there is no conflict between the two.  As Dr. Brown puts it:  “There is not one set of truths for science and another set of truths for religion.  By placing truths of science in context with scriptural truths and applying the unifying glue of miracles, a strong foundation is produced on which the believer can stand.”

Through a brilliant explanation of scientific knowledge and solid demonstration of the interrelationship of all mater, Dr. Brown concludes that there is simply too much coordination, given any length of time, to allow for simple chance.  In fact, those opposed to faith in God base much of their philosophy on faith in chance.

The book is aptly named because Dr. Brown finds miracles in every scientific truth.  He uses the unique natures of everything from the atomic to the universal. He postulates, for example, that the size, shape and electrical charge of the oxygen atom are specifically (and thereby intelligently) designed to sustain life. And the miracle of an enzyme (carbonic anhydrase) has a very specific structure that allows it to remove the poisonous gas carbon dioxide from our systems. “How wonderfully coordinated,” writes Dr. Brown, “are all the integrated components within every cell and sub-cellular part. Wherever we look, these miraculous systems are located precisely where needed for function. Sadly to me, science … attributes their presence to chance!”

Dr. Olen Brown is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and a retired professor at the University of Missouri. He has held joint professorships including in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology of the School of Medicine and in the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center of the Graduate School. He has authored more than 100 scientific publications and is a life science consultant.

His persuasive message uses truth from scripture and science to affirm miracles and refute science-as-god.

If are looking for the link between science and faith, Miracles is a must read. There is no book better suited for the task.

Miracles by Dr. Olen R. Brown, BookSurge, LLC., link

Jim Wright Smith is a writer/photographer. His personal blog, Nonlinear Brain, includes book reviews, musings on life changes, and anything that hits his brain and drops onto his blog – brain droppings as he calls them.

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