It was just a strange twist of fate that bought U.S. Marshall Gideon Miles to Little Ridge. He is looking for Edward Gandy who is wanted for bank robbery in two states. According to the local Sheriff from what little Miles could get out of him, Gandy has been a farmer in the area for the past three years, has a daughter, and is a good guy. The idea that Gandy could have ever done bank robbery is unthinkable to the Sheriff.


Whether or not Gandy was ever a bank robber is not an issue for Miles. He has been told to bring him back and that is what he will do. The Sheriff is going to be useless with the arrest of Gandy and that might be just as well as considering his attitude about U.S. Marshals and African American ones in particular. He is also most likely going to be worthless regarding other potentially dangerous events involving Miles in Little Ridge.


Like others in this series Miles To Little Ridge is another solidly good western. Interesting characters, plenty of twists, and turns along with lots of action makes the series as well as this one good.


Miles To Little Ridge (Cash Laramie & Gideon Miles Series)

Heath Lowrance

Beat To A Pulp

December, 2011

ASIN: B006K5QR88


33 Pages (estimated)




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