It is night as the fifth book in the series, Midnight Crossing, begins and Police Chief Josie Gray is at her isolated home on Schenck road outside of Artemis, Texas. Nobody should ever be on that road unless they are visiting her or her neighbor Dell who has his own place just behind hers. Nobody should be out there at two in the morning on this October night. Yet there is a car with its lights off moving by the outside of the house.midnight-crossing


When it happens again the next night at about the same time, she knows something is going on in the desolated land surrounding her home. This time she has backup as Nick Santos has spent the night. A kidnapping negotiator, he knows guns, the cartels, and more and shares Gray’s concerns about the vehicle moving by her home. They go outside to see why the vehicle is once again slowly moving by her house without its lights.


After it leaves into the darkness, they hear something on her porch. They soon find a clearly terrified woman hiding on Gray’s porch. Most likely, she came across the nearby border in this Big Bend region of deep southwest Texas. What happened to her and why is a story that she is nowhere ready to tell. The dead woman in the nearby field can’t tell Artemis Police Chief Josie Cray anything either.


Those two women are just one of several mysteries at work in Midnight Crossing by Tricia Fields. This excellent series began with The Territory and continues here with another excellent installment. Filled with numerous detailed characters, a complex mystery, and an obvious appreciation for the desert beauty of far southwest Texas, Midnight Crossing is another very good read in a very good series that evolves book to book


Midnight Crossing: A Mystery

Tricia Fields

A Thomas Dunne Book (Minotaur Books)


ISBN# 978-1-250-07628-1

Hardback (eBook available)

310 Pages





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Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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