It has been awhile since the events of Desperate Crimes and as Mexico Fever opens it is not long before the peace and quiet of Bill Travis’ world is broken. Walt Cannon is missing somewhere in Mexico. He’s a retired Texas Ranger and saved a few folks over the years including a Governor of Texas, Richard Sawyer, and our family man and reluctant hero, Bill Travis. While Sawyer has been out of his office for the last 4 years, he wants to see Bill Travis at his home down in River Oaks in Houston. When a Governor of Texas asks to see you, you go see him.

Governor Sawyer may be dying and a shadow of his former self, but his mind is still sharp. He knows that their mutual friend, Walt Cannon, is missing down in the state of Yucatan in Mexico. He even knowns exactly where Cannon was conducting business before he vanished. Governor Sawyer should know as he sent Cannon down there to track down and deal with a former religious leader that these days is arming rebels and seeking to overthrow the Mexican government. Some of his followers acting on his behalf executed a family on the Texas side of the border near Eagle Pass and Sawyer wanted Cannon to get him.


It was over two months ago that Cannon went down there chasing the elusive figure known as “Sunlight” and he has not been heard from since. Sawyer wants Travis to go down after Cannon and get him back home where he belongs. The last personal request of a dying man who feels responsible would be difficult to refuse as it is, but Travis also owes Cannon so going is never the question.  A debt has come due.


Explaining it to Julie and leaving her and the kids behind is going to be hard. Dealing with looking for Cannon, the local politics, a guerrilla movement, and more in Mexico Fever is going to be very hard.


Mexico Fever is the twelfth in the Bill Travis Mystery Series that began many years ago in The Last Call. While the family continues to grow and long running characters continue to evolve in the series, the hallmarks of action and adventure are as strong as ever in this read. Also present are the frequent and often humorous observations about Texas, Texans, the weather, and the human race in general.


While the series began with The Last Call readers that have been onboard since the beginning will get more out of this read, those folks new to the world of Bill Travis could easily start here. There are references to several earlier events as we play catch up with folks we have seen before, but those references would not destroy earlier reads in the series. As always there is a hint of pulp adventure to the read. Events and actions slide dangerously close to the edge and may push the ability to suspend disbelief for some readers.


That same thing could be said about almost of the books in this fun and engrossing series. Those readers who want everything to be totally logical and realistic might find Mexico Fever a bit of a challenge since the author does not play by those rules. This read is another engrossing tale in a long rail of great reads by prolific author George Weir.


Mexico Fever: A Bill Travis Mystery

George Wier

Flagstone Books

May 2016


eBook (paperback available)

160 Pages



According to Amazon, I picked this up back last August to read and review. I believe I did it by way of the Author’s free read promotion.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2018

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