As the subtitle of 24 Jewelry Projects That Spin, Sway, Swing, and Slide makes clear Marcia DeCoster’s Beads In Motion is a beading book that is all about the motion. According to the introduction by the author, in addition to the motion present in each piece there are designed to make sure the pieces complement each other.


“Chapter 1: Tools & Supplies” provides an overview of what you need to make the projects.  Over four pages the author shares what tools and supplies work for her. She encourages the reader to explore and find what works best for him or her. That exploration of what the reader personally prefers is a major secondary theme throughout the colorful and informative book.


Starting on page 14 “Chapter 2: Fundamentals” is all about how to tie various stitches and knots for the beadwork.  The heavily illustrated pages of this chapter take the reader through various necessary skills as a refresher for experienced pros or as a how to do guide for new readers.


Starting on page 27 with “Chapter 3: Earrings & Rings it is on to the very colorful projects. Whether you prefer something long and dangly such as the “Swing Dance Earrings (pages 28-34) or something shorter and conservative such as the “Lavender Earrings” (pages 40-42) variety and color are always present.  In addition to a supply list, each project has numerous colorful pictures and is accompanied by large illustrations and detailed text that explains how to make it. This same format continues throughout the entire book.


If your personal style leans towards “Bracelets” they are the focus of Chapter Four starting on page 49.  Four very different projects make up this chapter.


That leads readers naturally to “Chapter 5: Necklaces.” The section opens with the relatively simple and yet beautiful “Glimmer Necklace” (pages 67-69) before giving way to the “Spin City Necklace (pages 76-81) and others. A visual treat that also uses pearls and small crystals is fond on pages 92-95 with the “Tassel Necklace.”  Nine additional projects complete this final project chapter of the book.


This nearly 130 page book from “Lark Jewelry & Beading Bead Inspirations” series provides another visually appealing and artistically inspiring read. The projects and styles in Marcia DeCoster’s Beads In Motion: 24 Jewelry Projects That Spin, Sway, Swing And Slide are colorful and varied and are ones that over time a reader can learn to do. The projects here will provide hours of inspiration that can be used for one’s own wardrobe or to create personal gifts for others.


Marcia DeCoster’s Beads In Motion: 24 Jewelry Projects That Spin, Sway, Swing, And Slide

Marcia Decoster

Lark Jewelry & Beading (Imprint of Sterling Publishing)

August 2013

ISBN# 978-1-4547-0335-8



128 Pages



Material obtained through my local library for my use in a future newspaper review for my Senior News column.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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