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There are two things that I have enjoyed from my earliest childhood, books and food. Both offer sustenance to me, while my library may be obese, I am certainly far from it! I have been the same 148lbs for decades. I am lucky, about the only food I am intolerant to is anything that comes out of a fast food joint. My intolerance is not based on health issues, just taste and common sense.

A good rule of thumb is that if you read the ingredient list and find stuff you cannot pronounce, move on! A fun, and also educational adventure is to go to your local ‘Megamart’ and pick an item, lets say the good old onion. Most ‘Megamarts’ are designed the same way, the organic onions will be in the furthest orbit available, they will be in the Pluto zone. The mass grown ‘pharm’ onions will be in the next orbit, cheaper, but with pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer oozing out of every layer. Of course this is not listed on the ‘Two for one’ sale sign.

Next stop is the Frozen Veggie aisle. They are awash with frozen onions, but read the bag carefully. Where did these new (unpronounceable) ingredients come from? Some preserve the color, some the taste, some the shelf life.

As we mover closer to the center of the store, we find dried onions. What could be simpler? Chop an onion, dry it, and stick it in a small jar? Wrong! Now even more Ite’s and ate’s have been added. These ite’s and ate’s will help in the reconstitution one the product encounters water.

Somewhere really close to the megamart central aisle you might find onion in a powdered form. By this time the ite’s and ate’s list has grown so large that you need to have access to an electron microscope to read the ingredient list. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Onion is not at the top! The king pins are fillers, that is stuff that just makes it seem that you are getting value for your $dollar.

OK, I am sorry for the food rant, but someone needs to do it.

Mannie Barling is not as lucky as I am, he suffers from a number of health issues, they are most commonly known as Crohns, but this actually covers a wide range of problems including Arthritis, Inflammation, Gout, IBD, and IBS.

Mannie is a man that maintains the credo of you are what you eat. His life has stabilized now that he has found both the foods and amounts that work well for him. Although we are genetically the same, each person is unique. Mannie repeats this throughout the book, some people are more intolerant than others to certain regimes of eating.

This is by no means a pity party, this is a slice of real life. These medical problems can become very serious and life threatening. Our current medical insurance system prefers to ignore them, or subvert them:

The insurance company actually thought my neighbors would not notice three men in an old van watching our home through binoculars. Although the adjuster apologized when I called it to her attention, I felt the apology was only for being caught.

Today’s health insurance seems more about health avoidance! There are however many aspects that you yourself can take control of. No! In home heart transplants are a bad idea! But you can do much to improve your health by selecting carefully your choice of foods.

Mannie’s Diet And Enzyme Formula is not designed as a weight loss book, it is a lifestyle primer. The authors do however venture into the ever TV popular weight loss systems such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. The comments were less than stellar. Apparently Ashley Brooks had decided to try the Nutrisystem diet for a while. One of the items she purchased was some cheddar cheese slices:

Three years later we found an individually wrapped slice of Nutrisystem’s cheddar cheese intentionally hidden in a draw that had not been thrown out because it still looked fresh.

After another three years:

It did not age, harden nor change color…

It does not take much science to see that this is a product that is far from natural. I suppose the good side is that if we do face global Armageddon from nuclear weapons, we can live for thousands of years on Nutrisystem cheese and Twinky bars!

I can hear a bunch of you now “OK so you have beaten us senseless over what not to eat, what’s for supper”?

There are few books that involve food that I do not love a recipe, my favorite in this one has to be the Ceviche. I do however differ with the authors, I would add a taste of cilantro.

From reading this book I walk away with one very important piece of new information. We are all different, yet we all have to co-exist. Restaurants often are not accommodating. I am often asked what I would like from McDonalds, Burger King, etc, I always reply “nothing”. I can always invent a meal with what I can find in the kitchen. I also know that what I find in the kitchen is infinitely better for me than any item on the menu at the fast food outlets.

The title mentions the word ‘Enzyme’, these are substances vital to our well being, however few people take them in the correct levels or ways. Most of us destroy the benefits through the process of cooking. The authors realize that few people are prepared to take on a ‘raw food’ diet (yes there is such a thing). Enzyme balance however can be achieved through dietary supplements.

Only a relatively small proportion of the population have such levels of food intolerance as Mannie  Barling, however a very high proportion of the population does suffer from some kind of intolerance, by learning your unique make up you can enhance your life. There are foods I avoid, but they are mostly taste related. I have found that about half the time I eat Pizza, I regret it. The good news is that I do not enjoy the taste anyway, but using this book I could track down the component that my body does not agree with.

Mannie’s Diet and Enzyme Formula is a journey not only into science, but also lifestyle.

To get your copy of Mannie’s Diet and Enzyme Formula, just click on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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