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It is very rare for me to publish a second review of a book. It is equally rare that I read a book a second time. To be honest with you there are many books that I would love to reread but I never seem to have the time.

So what makes Mannie’s Diet And Enzyme Formula different? I can answer that with a single word ‘Knowledge’. When I first saw the book some eight or so months ago I muttered under my breath ‘Oh no, 346 pages of BS (Biological Science)’ 🙂

Over the ensuing months I have come to know Mannie and Ashley both as friends and for being a veritable treasure trove of information on both health and nutrition.

I quickly learned that Mannie’s Diet And Enzyme Formula was not a book born out of vanity, but of necessity. A trip to your nearest search engine, will show you that there are thousands of diet and nutrition books on the market, from cabbage soup to glorious heaping mounds of crispy fried bacon, there is a diet for every taste!

I mentioned ‘necessity’, let me explain. In 1997 Mannie Barling was diagnosed with colon cancer, his prognosis however was good. The operation was going to be a simple one. The tumor would be removed and he would be as good as new in no time. In actual fact the operation turned out to be much more involved, a second tumor was located and in total 10 feet of his colon was removed. Traumatic as these events were, they were merely the beginning of his odyssey.

The surgery had awakened some sleeping giants, Gout, Crones, IBD and IBS became his new best friends. The medical solution was to prescribe an ever increasing grab bag of pharmaceuticals. As drug interactions and reactions caused further havoc on his body, he and his wife Ashley decided to start their own research.

Through a good deal of trial and error they started to see a disturbing picture. Many of the problems that Mannie had seemed to be rooted in what he ate. But nagging questions remained, why would one steak leave him bedridden for days, yet another have no adverse effects?

The sleuthing team of Emanuel Barling and Ashley F. Brooks went into high gear. They discovered that not all steaks (and I merely use that as an example) are created equal. There is a big difference between the meat from an animal that is allowed to free range and forage, as opposed to those that are products of what we call Factory Farms. The Factory Farm animals are fed an unnatural diet of corn, even worse the corn itself is not natural, but rather a genetically modified variety, something born in the Monsanto Dr. Frankenstein lab, rather than in the open fields.

Beef though is the mere tip of the iceberg. Mannie and Ashley also talk about additives used in other food products. Sodium and MSG are both well known for their detrimental health effects yet they are in almost everything  packaged or canned in your supermarket.

It is hard to determine where a book review ends, and a Simon rant begins, so I think I will take the high road and stop here!

You can order your copy of Mannie’s Diet And Enzyme Formula from the Amazon link above.

As companion volumes I also recommend Arthritis, Inflammation, Gout, Crohn’s, IBD, or IBS , and their latest book It’s Not Your Fault.

Mannie and Ashley also run a very active web site Howtoeliminatepain.com, and can be heard every Saturday at 10am pacific, 1pm eastern on Blog Talk Radio just look for Surviving The 21st Century. You can catch a recording of last weeks program here. You can also find our previous episodes here.

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