In this funny, yet sometimes poignant book, Linc Menner returns as the central character in this “Mr. Mom” story of a stay-at-home dad, his precocious daughter, Violet, and his wife, Jo. For more than ten years, Linc was a house-husband while his wife worked, and he discovered he liked nothing better than creating incredible dishes for dinners, keeping the house spotless, and developing strict parenting skills that were the envy of other parents. Now, everything is changing.

The family has been transferred to Florida where they are apt to be killed in a hurricane, and they are living in a house that is going through major renovations and restorations. That closes the kitchen for an indefinite period of time, creating one of the first problems.

Then Violet, who had been a supurb student, suddenly abandons books for boys and starts sneaking out her bedroom window in the middle of the night.  She also is no longer interested in the long intellectual discussions that Linc always enjoyed with her.

In the midst of the choas of their home and the changes in their lives Linc begins to worry about his image. He notices how the contractor hired to do the renovations on the house commands a type of respect Linc has not experienced in some time. That’s when he decides that he needs to change his image. Become the Man of the House. This is a transformation not welcomed by his wife and daughter who were accustomed to his pampering and wonder what happened to the man who considered ordering pizza for dinner a sacrilege.

Meanwhile, Jo  is concerned that she has shortchanged the relationship with her husband and her child for her job. She now recognizes that “…the whole ‘quality time’ claim is a hoax designed to assuage the guilt of parents like me. You learn most about your child not during a special trip to the zoo, but rather from the accumulation of comments and conversations that bubble to the top while you are stuck in traffic, shopping for groceries, and cleaning the house. Your child’s personality may seem like a certain color from a distance — Violet, in my opinion, is true to her name — but only when you spend enough time with her do you discern all the different colors of threads that meld together to make a color that other people see.”

That insight is just one of many that are slipped into the story, yet could be part of a self-help book on parenting. Those insights are offered with good doses of humor by characters as real as the people next door in this heartwarming  novel about the struggles to define oneself.

The author is a stay-at-home dad, and draws from that personal experience for his novels that include Househusband, Southern Living, All This Belongs to Me, and, most recently, Man of the House, the sequel to his first novel. He can be reached through his Web site,

About the book:
Man of the House by Ad Hudler
ISBN: 978-0345481085
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Date of publish: Sept. 30, 2008
Pages: 320
S.R.P.: $14.00

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