Volume II of the Lyft Faetels Trilogy

My wife considers me to be the fountain of all useless information. Over the many years of reading, watching, listening, and life in general, I have amassed a huge repertoire of absolutely useless pieces of information. Well, I have met my match! His name is Jeffrey Wood, this guy has more trivia in his little toe than I have in my entire mind. I know a guru when I see one, I am in awe of this man.

I knew I was up against a master early on, can you name a Russian plane that can carry a locomotive or an 80 foot yacht? I can, and actually not only have I seen it, I watched the yacht being unloaded. It was an Americas Cup yacht when the event was held in San Diego.

The more I read, the more I fell in love with the useless factoids that were thrown in. I love books that grab my interest, and this certainly qualifies. Everyone has heard of a martini, and James Bond’s preference of stirred not shaken, but how many of you know what a Pimms Number One is?

OK, I know that you are reading this article because you want to find out about the book, so I’ll quit the trivia and get on with the review. But, be warned, if you read this book, you will be reaching for Google to look things up!

Jeffrey Wood is a consummate story teller, he has class, he has style, and he has a wonderful sense of the ridiculous. Lyft Faetels – Inner Peace is science fiction, yet taken in a wonderfully strange direction.

Set in the present day, we discover that humans are not the only sentient beings on the planet  Earth, there are the mysterious, and far more advanced Klinque’s. Only a few people know of their existence, they live far beneath the Earth’s surface, yet they are in many ways the guardians of the planet.

The Earths core is heating up, the Klinque’s have been monitoring the problem, and now it is time for action. Jeff Wood is one of the few humans that the Klinque’s trust, and it is Lyft Faetels that they dispatch to elicit his help. Lyft is hyper intelligent, hyper fast, and hyper hungry and thirsty! Lyft seems to live for eating gourmet food, lots of it, and drinking copious amounts of high quality booze.

Joining Lyft and Jeff on this mission to save the world we also get to to befriend Vodka loving Russian Colonel Bashirin, and the equally hard drinking US Colonel Salvo. Can this delightful group of misfits save the world? I don’t think it would be fair to share more of the plot, this is a book that people need to read, rather than be fed a quick synopsis.

On a technical note, Jeffrey Wood has produced a very high quality product. I am about the most picky critic around when it comes to errors, unless they are my own, but thats another story! I found one minor typo in the whole book. That is a rarity to say the least.

Lyft Faetels – Inner Peace is a delightfully humorous romp, in some ways it reminded me a little of the late Douglas Adams. Both Adams and Wood have that wonderful ability to wordsmith in a truly entertaining style. I have a strange sense of humor, and releasing volume II of what is going to be a trilogy, before you release volume I just plays into it.

I am hoping to interview Jeffrey in the next few days, and I have to admit that I am looking forward to it. I feel dueling trivia coming on!

You can pick up your copy of this very fine book at Amazon, there is also a web site.

Simon Barrett – Still Chuckling

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