5 Steps to End Negative Body Obsession and Start Living Happy and Confidently

Although this book is mainly aimed at the female gender, there is much to be learned from it by us mere male mortals! I actually think that for the most part we get a ‘bad rap’! With more than five decades on this earth I have learned that the worst question any woman can ask is ‘does this outfit make me look fat’. There is no answer that will prevent a verbal beating. I have to admit that there is a TV advert for a breakfast cereal that I chuckle at every time I see it. The wife is eating and her husband starts to read the contents and their nutritional value. The unspoken part is that with this great nutritional value the woman must be on a diet. In the space of 30 seconds war has been declared. “What else does the box say” the wife growls.

Alas the picture I just painted is essentially true. I don’t want to claim it is entirely a female issue, it is not, but many people are concerned about their appearance, too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, to dumb, too ugly, the list goes on and on. For a segment of the population this image of themselves can become far more serious than just an irritation.

Author Sarah Maria brings a scientifically correct statement to the table, Negative Body Obsession. NBO has been the subject of many scientific papers. Essentially it boils down to the concept of you hating your body for whatever reason.

A little research shows that Sarah Maria is clearly a student of Deepak Chopra,  as a result there is a huge dose of spirituality and mind healing handed out in this book. Sarah Naria lays out a clear,  although somewhat esoteric strategy that can be followed to to alleviate the problem. She describes a number of exercises, mainly mental ones that will help focus on the positive rather than the negative aspects of your self esteem.

I am sure that Love Your Body, Love Your Life will do very well with Chopra followers, and the New Age movement as a whole. But I have some reservations about the main stream accepting the more esoteric aspects in the text. Negative Body Obsession itself is a very real issue. It can be argued that it is the root of several eating disorders, and can on occasions become a killer.

Sarah Maria points out early in her book that modern life has very much to do with the cause. The mass media, fashion designers, and fast food all have a part to play in the story. The mass media makes much of stereo typing the female form, as does the fashion industry. According to Sarah Maria the average fashion model wears a size 2-4, whereas the average American woman wears a size 14. Just take a look in any magazine, the women are almost always tall and willowy. Check out the soap operas, same thing. Watch the music or movie awards, same thing. But these are not real life. Real life is far different. But because you cannot make it to the cover of a magazine by no means lowers your self worth.

Styles come and go. A good example is the Renaissance period of art, this was way before Playboy or SI’s Swimsuit Edition, through art we can get a good idea of what was in vogue, the vast majority of women portrayed were Rubenesque. But in reality few real women of the time had those proportions. Most of the population were underfed and very thin, yet the art world liked the more well fed look. It was just a fad!

You can order your copy from Amazon. Sarah Maria also has a web site.

Simon Barrett

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