Bill Travis has a lot on his mind as this novel the third in the series opens. His wife Julie is pregnant and could give birth nearly any day now. A friend of his is in court locked in a lawsuit with some guy who cheated him out of 100K. Then he gets word that his best friend since second grade, Brad, is dead.


According to his wife, Mary Jo, he was murdered and she knows exactly who did it. Obviously, Bill is going to pack up and leave Austin, Texas to head back home to Bryan to see Mary Jo and help any way he can. Fortunately, a very pregnant Julie is very understanding and before long Bill is on his way to Bryan.


It is clear before the makes it back home to Bryan, Texas that his presence is not wanted in his old hometown.  The first clue was the local officer who harassed him and ordered him to turn around and leave. At least the officer was not subtle about it like some others. As if not wanted and threatened would stop him in this tale of murder, greed, and a quest for treasure dating back to the 1600’s. People have killed for a lot less and sunken treasure is a powerful motivator.


Longnecks & Twisted Hearts: A Bill Travis Mystery is another good one in the series. Bill Travis is a solid good guy who does not back down and as a result consistently gets himself in the middle of things. Something his now wife Julie learned from personal experience in the first book, The Last Call.  We learn little new about the character here as he was already fleshed out well in the proceeding books. An adventure/thriller type novel with some mystery, the read is a good one featuring crime, history and greed in deep South Texas.



Longnecks & Twisted Hearts: A Bill Travis Mystery

George Wier

Flagstone Books

December 2011

Kindle E-book



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