An Illustrated Experimental Journey Into The Labyrinth Of Your Soul

I am an avid reader and enjoy books on a wide variety of topics. Reading is a learning experience, and I love to learn. A popular genre of book has emerged over the past two decades, I refer to it as New Age, these are the books that you find in those small stores where candles, incense, crystals and other spiritual items are for sale.

There are dozens of different schools of thought on self healing and enlightenment. Kelly La Sha subscribes to Shamanism, and Liquid Mirror uses this technique in order to explore our inner workings.

One of her observations that I found interesting is that our collective unhappiness as a race is in part due to our modern way of life. As babies we are naturally loving and happy, however our interactions with adults particularly our parents cause us to lose that loving and happy temperament as we take on more and more of the traits of those around us.

Using the quantum physics argument Kelly La Sha contents that we are pure energy. Indeed many in the scientific community do say that if you take any particle down to its smallest component part it is made up of energy in the form of a wave. Therefore when we interact with others there is a potential transference of energy. There are 4 possibilities, our energy stays neutral, we take energy, we give energy, or we leak energy. All have consequences on our emotional and therefore physical well being.

The title Liquid Mirror is a reference to the fact that we reflect the world around us. By learning how to control our energy, then we begin to modify the world around us.

Part two of the book contains a set of exercises to help people better understand the principles that Kelly La Sha subscribes to.

I am personally not much of a new ager and found Liquid Mirror a little heavy going in places. However I think the basis of Kelly La Sha’s ideas while a little shaky on scientific proof could certainly do no harm for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.

For sure, if you go around consistently being negative in your interactions with others they are likely to be negative with you. You have indeed proved the Liquid Mirror, your actions have changed those around you. Likewise if you have a positive attitude with other they will likely return in kind, once again the Liquid Mirror is at work. There is an old saying that my mother often used, ‘do unto others and you would have them do unto you’. It is a very true statement, and the world would be a much better place if more people practiced it.

Liquid Mirror is an interesting read, and will likely do well in the self help, self improvement section. Kelly La Sha also has a supporting web site .

You can order your copy of the book from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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