“You will never get rich trying not to be poor.”

Self-proclaimed “Secular Humanist” Larry John loves to think. And he loves to share his thoughts with others. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he decided to put over 500 of his original thoughts into his new book. The result, Larryisms Book One, is a collection of interesting sound bites and brief observations from an armchair philosopher with his own publishing company.

“I love people who want to be rich and famous. They are so easy to manipulate.” 

Featuring rhetorical questions and insightful one-liners, Larryisms Book One is the kind of witty collection that works well as a talking piece on a coffee table or in that most reserved of reading locations: the bathroom. While some quotes are meant to simply address the modern world, others are designed to be timeless examinations of the human condition. The cleverer ones have a tendency to cause serious thought and many succeed in varying measures. Alternately 21st century philosopher and Jack Handy jokester, John manages to keep a good mix of light humor and deeper questions.

“Does knowledge have any real immediate value if it doesn’t have any real immediate effect on your life?”

John’s main reason for creating the book, aside from joking that his friends were tired of listening to him talk, was to get people to start using the most important part of their body: their mind. “I question everything and have a lot of fun doing it.” says John. His new collection proves that he wants to let the rest of us in on the fun. And it actually is fun. John’s quotes are not too complex for even the most unthinking soul, and his deeper quotes could leave many pondering the world around them, which is John’s desire. “I don’t contend that my thinking is the way all of us should think. That would be stupid. I think for my own personal benefit and desire for enlightenment and then I share my thoughts for others to think about.”

“People who say they are ‘high on life’ normally get assistance.”

In a collection of 500, quite a few of the quotes inevitably start to sound similar. A large amount begin with “Never trust a God who…” or “I must be getting old…”. Eventually, the cleverness and force behind the opening phrase begins to get lost amidst the repetition. And though many of John’s observations are inspiring and interesting, certain quotes throughout the book begin to imply that John is only reiterating great quotes with a slight spin. But unless he originated the motto of the United Negro College Fund, it’s pretty safe to say that he didn’t coin the phrase “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” This and other examples stretch the credibility of Larry’s claims to be an original mind and a unique thinker, though Larryisms Volume One still displays a voluminous amount of material.

Zach’s Rating: C+
Conservative’s rating: D
Armchair Philosopher’s rating: B+

For more information on Larry Johns or to purchase Larryisms Book One, visit The Pragmatic Thinker

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