Landmark Status
by Alan H Rolnick

As a former denizen of Miami in my mid-teens I rather enjoyed this romp through the seedy aspects of the city. Like Miami Vice and CSI Miami the book does a great job at capturing the vibe of the place both good and bad.

The characters were well thought out and the addition of Spanish where its apt also works nicely. I ignored the English translation and just read the Spanish, which gave it even more color. I read the book in one sitting and its reads quickly. If you are a pacey reader it would be easy to finish this book between say New York/Boston and let’s say Miami.

I quite enjoyed its take on the less than level bits of the property market in Florida and was quite amused by the small city that a bunch of people had managed to carve out of Dade as their little fiefdom. If you know Miami this sort of thing is completely believable.

The book reads well and is very visual in its scope. You can just see it as a movie or even TV series in a few years. It has that feel to it, not a glorified screenplay mind, just a book that would so easily be made into one.

If you are looking for an amusing, witty and probably fairly accurate novel that takes place in Miami than look no further than this book. Its a great read and well worth the effort.

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