Ladybug Baby BugJanice and Mark Perkins seem like the nice people you only read about. Their new children’s book, Ladybug Baby Bug, is dedicated to their grandsons, their inspiration for writing a kid’s book in the first place. And a large portion of the book’s profits have been earmarked for charity: The Mid-Ohio Foodbank, to be specific, “as a means of repayment for the many blessings they have received.” Could there be a better author duo or a sweeter reason for writing and publishing a kid’s book? Maybe, but I’m sure it’d be a stretch to find one.

Written by Janice and drawn by Mark, it’s clear right away that the pair has potential as a writing/drawing team. It’s also pretty clear that Ladybug Baby Bug is their first attempt at the genre. There’s not much action: like the musical Cats, the entire book is dedicated to introducing new characters. At first this is a bit amusing, but eventually grows slightly repetitive. But, I also have a longer attention span than a two-year old. While it does seem that most kid’s books are a bit more engaging, the drawings are happy and oh-so-cute, as are the names of each character being introduced, even if they are strikingly similar (NA-NA BUG, DA-DA BUG, PA-PA BUG, you get the idea). As an introductory book to a new kid’s book character, Ladybug Baby Bug serves its purpose and there is definitely potential for more books to follow: Ladybug Baby Bug Goes to the Park, perhaps. While the Perkins’ first attempt could use a little more work, I wholeheartedly admire their desire to enter the tough world of publishing and look forward to their sophomoric effort in the genre.

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