It is October 1960 and Douglas King has worked himself to a position of some power at Granger Shoes. He has plans to move up and take over the shoe company as do others who intended to use him as a small part of their plans. king's ransom hardbackCompeting agendas and the future for Douglas King is at stake as his money is tied up in a deal to finally achieve his long held goal. A goal that he is not going to let anyone or anyone interfere with as he finally sees a real opportunity to fulfill his dream.

That future is not going to be thwarted by the kidnapping of a child. If it was his child, it might make a difference. It isn’t. It is the child of King’s chauffeur so Douglas King does not see the need to pay five hundred thousand dollars to get that kid back. If he gives his money up to meet the ransom demand, he will lose his opportunity and will very quickly be forced out of a job. One does not launch a takeover bid and survive the failure.

The men of the 87th Precinct don’t see things the same way as Mr. King. Detectives Meyer Meyer and Steve Carella certainly don’t and never will. Of course, they never have had that kind of money working for the NYPD and never will. They are honest and hardworking cops who do their best day in and day out despite all the job stresses and everything else. A kidnapping case gives them a break from petty crimes, bad coffee, and dirty jokes. It is cold this October in New York and the next few hours will tell the tale.

King’s Ransom: An 87th Precinct Mystery by Ed McBain is a good classic cops and robbers style read. Along with the complex details of the business deal and the kidnapping case, readers are treated to the backstory of numerous characters and their own situations as day to day life is a business deal as well. Sometimes, by fate or chance, you make the wrong bargain with the wrong people.
King’s Ransom: An 87th Precinct Mystery
Ed McBain
Thorndike Press
ISBN# 978-0-7862-9173-1
Large Print Hardback (available in other formats)
315 Pages
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Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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