When I got wind of this book I knew that I had to read it. It had all the makings of a glorious rant and I was not disappointed. Although it is a slim volume Rick manages to cover a great deal of ground.

His basic premise if that we, the little guys are being screwed by the rich. I have to admit that I do agree with him.

Rick The Poet Warrior is one angry man. He takes delightful swipes at just about everything imaginable. He also has some creative solutions to the problem, a huge percentage of the worlds wealth is being controlled by something like 1% of the population. This wealth needs to be redistributed. He also wants to mete out some punishment. To that end he offers this wonderful solution:

We should use Switzerland as a dumping country. Put all ‘The Rich’ and the criminals there (murderers, rapits, bankers, other theives). Small country easy to wall off. (Maybe get Chinese to help).

This small snippet is pretty indicative of the style used throughout the book. Rick The Poet Warrior is a man on a mission!

Kill The Rich is an entertaining excursion. It is very amusing but for one thing, he is essentially right on most of the topics he selects. Few would argue that government is far larger than it needs to be. and it is still growing. Who funds this activity? The little guy.

Big Pharma also gets a mighty beating which is richly deserved. Patents placed on drugs merely create a situation where monopolistic activities thrive and accountability is almost a joke.

Another section that caught my attention because I personally find it to be one of my own hot buttons is ‘planned obsolescence’, how come everything I buy breaks within days of the warranty expiring?

My background is over 30 years in the Computer Industry and they have ‘Planned Obsolescence’ down to a fine art. It is almost criminal the way that it works. If you buy a new computer today at Wal-Mart, by the time you get it home it is a ‘discontinued line’ and by the time your warranty expires (One year) you have a door stop. If it breaks you cannot find parts because the industry has moved on to the next latest and greatest set of standards! Whatever is broken, replacement parts are not available. A more ridiculous industry I can not think of.

Oops, I think Rick The Poet Warrior is rubbing off on me. Now I am the one ranting! Kill The Rich is just that kind of book, there is something to make everyone mad.

If you are looking for a way to vent some steam try Kill The Rich, you will not be disappointed. Interestingly enough Rick is in Toronto, Canada and when the copy of the book arrived at my doorstep the package was covered in green tape explaining that it had been inspected at the border. I guess Kill The Rich caught someones attention. The real joke is that the book is published by a US publisher, so it could hardly be called a subversive import.

You can order your copy by clicking on the Amazon link. (Green customs tape is not included).

Simon Barrett

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